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Nokia Sales Up, But Symbian Delay Blunts iPhone Counter-Attack

The differences are clear – Apple’s selling phones and associated content faster than Nokia.

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) smartphone shipments grew by 50 percent in the year’s first three months, compared to 131 percent more iPhones reported this week.

But Nokia isn’t juicing the uses for these smartphones – sales from services (ie. Nokia’s Ovi suite) are 12 percent down from last year at

2 Responses to “Nokia Sales Up, But Symbian Delay Blunts iPhone Counter-Attack”

  1. spencer_feng

    The target markets for Apple and Nokia are different. Nokia has smartphones from low-end to top-end. It has to take all the factors into consideration. Actually the upcoming N8 powered by Symbian ^3 will not be the top-end smartphone from Nokia and the N9 powered by meego 1 which will probably be announced will be the King of the year. But N8 is enough to compete the Iphone 4G. The Apple hype wave will cease inevitably.

  2. dardano

    Nokia sees the leaked iPhone 4G and says “shoot.. guys back to the drawing board we’ve had it all wrong again let’s start from scratch” hence the delay..

    by the time we’ll see a Symbian 4 device there will already be an iPhone 5G, iPhone 5G Qwerty and prolly an iPhone mini out by then lol

    Nokia is doomed.