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What's Google Wave For? New Templates Provide Some Hints

Once the initial buzz over Google Wave (s goog) died down, many people (including yours truly) were left scratching their heads, wondering how they could actually use it. Will provided some possible uses for Wave back in January, but a new addition to the tool — a set of templates that provide starting points for your Waves — reveal what Google must consider to be the main uses for the product.

The available templates are:

  • Discussion
  • Task tracking
  • Meeting
  • Document
  • Brainstorm

Each template provides a useful starting point, complete with some boilerplate content to give you some ideas. Here’s the Brainstorm template, for example, which comes complete with brainstorming rules and a whiteboard:

Obviously the templates don’t cover all of the possible uses for Wave (Will listed many more in his post), but you can also just start off with a blank Wave if the templates aren’t suitable. However, they do provide a starting-off point, and should be particularly helpful in showing Wave newbies how they can put it to use.

Now the initial excitement’s died away, are you still using Wave?

(via Lifehacker)

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3 Responses to “What's Google Wave For? New Templates Provide Some Hints”

  1. WaveLover

    I still love the concept of Wave for collaboration in the cloud but it has a few years of growing to do. Yes, I still use Wave but here are the main points that need improvement:

    1) Ability to jump to new additions. If you have 15 people on a Wave you have to look through the whole thing to see the changes! That killed it for me right there. However, since I know they are going to fix that, I’ll keep the Wave size smaller for now.
    2) Need to have an organization structure. How about not allowing the junior staff on the Wave the ability to delete everything?! Yes, that would be nice.
    3) Speed up attachment uploading. Seems like they do it one bit at a time! lol.

    Overall, genius concept! I look forward to the integration with Google Apps, Docs, the rest of the cloud and other websites. What kind of gadgets will programmers come up with? Who knows. If they can get the security right and people feel confident putting their confidential documents on the system, you can say, “Goodbye, old way of doing things”.

  2. I had stopped using wave for a while. Only using it every few weeks for lack of what to do with it. It seems now that it may possibly have a great future as a GTD product.