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See Just How Much Time You Waste With the Productivity Meter

RescueTime, which makes time tracking and monitoring tools for organizations and individuals, has added a so-called Productivity Meter, an extension for Chrome and Firefox that automatically tracks the amount of time you spend on different web sites.

The Productivity Meter gives you a “distracted browsing” score, depending on how much time you spend visiting sites like Facebook vs. how much time you spend visiting “productive” sites. You can check your score via a toolbar button, and see how you compare to other Productivity Meter users — to get a more detailed view of your browsing habits, you can click the “Get Detailed Stats” link, which has charts galore. It’s worth noting that the time tracking data is recorded anonymously; you don’t need to create an account or log in to use the service, and you can pause recording at any time.

You can also tweak the settings through the stats page if the sites that are deemed “distracting” or “productive” aren’t applicable for you — for example, RescueTime thinks WebWorkerDaily is distracting, which is obviously inaccurate for me as it takes up a large portion of my working day!

The Productivity Meter is not as detailed as some of the other time tracking apps we’ve featured, and it can only measure time spent in your browser. However, it’s free and only requires a one-click install, and it might just provide some eye-opening insight into your browsing habits. If you read RescueTime founder Tony Wright’s guest post here on WWD last year, you’ll know that he believes time tracking and monitoring tools can be used to improve productivity by giving individuals (and perhaps more controversially, their employers) a deeper understanding of exactly how much time they spend on different activities. Indeed, the Productivity Meter is a way to start down that path of self-knowledge.

How much of your browsing time is productive?

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