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In a recent series we noted a number of portable keyboards that work with the iPad; this list includes the Freedom Pro Keyboard, a full QWERTY keyboard that folds in two for easy transport. The folks behind the Freedom Pro got in touch with us to make sure we understood that the keyboard will work with many smartphones, in addition to the iPad (s aapl) and Windows UMPCs.

The Freedom Pro keyboard has both HID and SPP Profiles, which means it will work with Windows systems, BlackBerries and Android phones (Android drivers in progress).  The integrated device stand is designed to fit smartphones, but will also handle small UMPCs, too. The smartphones that can be used with the Freedom Pro keyboard are many:

  • BlackBerry (OS 4.0+)
  • Windows Mobile (5+)
  • Symbian Series 60 (most N and E)
  • Symbian UIQ3 (Sony Ericsson)
  • Android (1.5+)

The Freedom Pro keyboard can run for 90 hours on two AAA batteries, and connects to the device over Bluetooth. It comes with a travel case for easy transport. This video shows the keyboard in action with a BlackBerry.

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freedom pro keyboard works great! In fact, I’m using it right now to type in this comment via an iPhone. Some of the function keys also work with iPhone (volume control, pod play, pause, next and previous song, and home once to get out of an app to the app screen and again to pull up the application search feature. I haven’t figured out whether the other function keys can be used and I tend to miss the right shift key at the moment, but overall, this is an excellent keyboard. Note: when pairing it the first time, you have to use the ‘pairing’ reset button.

Phil Lee

I got one of these from Amazon on Wednesday and unfortunately decided to return it almost straight away. Since I haven’t got an iPad yet (hurry up the end of May), I first paired it with my work PC running Windows 7 with no problem.

I then paired it with my MacBook Pro and had real problems getting it to work. OS X kept on popping up with a window to identify the type of keyboard. Before I could press the button to the right of the left shift to start the process, the window would disappear. In the end, after 5 minutes of trying, I got it to work but it was a pain.

I also thought the keyboard was a little large to be truly portable so I sent it back, thanks to the UK distance selling regulations allowing a return within 7 days for any reason.

Juan Chulilla

This device would mean for me a farewell to the netbook. However, they say about Android that “Android OS (under development – expected March 2010)”

BT keyboard is one of the most nonsensical absences of Android OS. I’m waiting for it before I bought my magic.

I do hope that this company is going to answer that problem. I would buy that for my company, although we have old bt keyboard (that doesn’t work with Android). But I’m not going to buy it until they assure that their bt keyboard works with Android

Juan Chulilla

Thanks for the info! The problem for me is that it is not an official driver. So, I could try it personally because I miss a bt keyboard in Android badly. But it is not acceptable for production in a company.


From what I read it sounds like its a beta driver, en route to becoming a production one. We’ll just have to see, I ordered one of these guys for my myTouch today.

Kitsch Kinkly

I just wanted to follow-up as I received mine yesterday, and I’m happy to report it does indeed work fine with my Android phone using the beta drivers provided on their website. The drivers are apparently only for Android 1.5/1.6 (2.0/2.1 drivers are supposedly due out mid-may) but since my MyTouch is still at 1.6 it paired (with updated instructions from the website) and works just fine. I’ve only just started using it but it does work as expected.


Looks like a decent keyboard to work on, with both a number key row and function keys. I still say the one James has looks better folded up, but at least the Freedom Pro is something you can actually buy.


I use the Freedom Universal Keyboard² with my Samsung Q1U UMPC.

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