Freedom Pro Keyboard — Works with Most Anything

open with blackberry storm

In a recent series we noted a number of portable keyboards that work with the iPad; this list includes the Freedom Pro Keyboard, a full QWERTY keyboard that folds in two for easy transport. The folks behind the Freedom Pro got in touch with us to make sure we understood that the keyboard will work with many smartphones, in addition to the iPad and Windows UMPCs.

The Freedom Pro keyboard has both HID and SPP Profiles, which means it will work with Windows systems, BlackBerries and Android phones (Android drivers in progress).  The integrated device stand is designed to fit smartphones, but will also handle small UMPCs, too. The smartphones that can be used with the Freedom Pro keyboard are many:

  • BlackBerry (OS 4.0+)
  • Windows Mobile (5+)
  • Symbian Series 60 (most N and E)
  • Symbian UIQ3 (Sony Ericsson)
  • Android (1.5+)

The Freedom Pro keyboard can run for 90 hours on two AAA batteries, and connects to the device over Bluetooth. It comes with a travel case for easy transport. This video shows the keyboard in action with a BlackBerry.

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