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Updated: IAC, DJ Shutting Down Personal Finance JV FiLife Following Dramatic Traffic Decline

IAC (NSDQ: IACI) and Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS) are shutting down FiLife today, paidContent has learned and IAC has confirmed. We reported last month that the plug could be pulled but sources then insisted that all options were being explored. Today, the staff is learning those options have run out. Some assets will be absorbed by IAC and DJ but editorially FiLife will disappear. The closing affects 19 jobs; some staffers are likely to wind up at IAC and DJ.

IAC’s response: “We have decided to discontinue operations at and will incorporate some of the site’s assets and personal finance services into existing businesses within Dow Jones and IAC, and both companies are still working out these specifics.”

Update: The move comes scant months after FiLife head Ezra Kucharz left in January for CBS (NYSE: CBS) with praise from IAC and DJ for growing the site. They credited him publicly for turning around the site during his year-plus term as president and GM and building it to the #4 personal finance site with 4.4 million unique visitors in December. That growth evaporated almost immediately, dropping to 3.2 million in January and 3.08 million in February. It got worse. By this March, according to numbers provided by comScore (NSDQ: SCOR), was down to 322,000 — a nearly 90 percent decline in just one month.

Worldwide unique visitors:

U.S. unique visitors:

What happened? One persistent suggestion from anonymous tipsters, from people familiar with FiLife at various stages and from others building sites not competing with FiLife, is that the site was buying traffic to boost growth numbers and when it stopped, so did the growth. One source with considerable experience in building traffic and familiarity with FiLife pulled up Compete’s numbers and said: “That is not the way an organically growing web site acts, assuming these numbers are remotely close to being accurate.”

Compete’s actual numbers vary from comScore’s but the picture is the same:

A digital media exec pulled up to take a look and pointed to the relative lack of movement in pageviews per users during the traffic spike: “It

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  1. Observant Period...

    CBS – you get what you deserve – corrupt at the top, corrupt at the bottom – cut people who do the work, give bonuses to those who put you in the bad situation. Quincy – aren’t you still on retainer after you made CBS pay billions for a company that would have been worth millions after the economic crisis? How did you pull that off? Also, how did you get Les to buy into funding your side company while you were employed at CBS? Man, life is really good in the boys club, eh?

  2. We are sorry to hear about FiLife shutting down for it’s members and
    contributors. Many of FiLife’s professional members are also
    contributors to We welcome any users seeking
    professional personal finance advice and analysis to join us at

    – The FiGuide Team