Today in Cleantech

Cisco’s videoconferencing division must be relishing the air travel ban caused by Iceland’s volcanic ash cloud, especially now that the company has established a foothold in Europe via its Tandberg acquisition. Not only did the potentially lethal plumes from Mt. Eyjafjallajökull prove to be a thorn in the side of jet-setters — and oddly, helped reduce CO2 — they also threw a wrench in countless meeting schedules. It’s a situation that offices outfitted with spendy videoconferencing systems can sidestep entirely, so don’t be surprised if the ash cloud persists as an undercurrent in Cisco’s marketing plans long after the skies over Europe clear up. But what if you’re not a well-heeled corporation? Don’t worry, Simon Mackie at WebWorkerDaily has a neat list of effective and affordable communications and collaboration tools that can help your business get work done like nothing happened.