Droid Incredible Goes Live — Reviews Out


It’s not the Nexus One on Verizon (s vz) that everyone has been waiting for but if early reviews are to be believed it’s better. The Droid Incredible is now available for pre-order through Verizon, with in-store availability on April 29. The Droid Incredible is the HTC Android (s goog) handset that takes the Nexus One and makes it better with an updated camera and the HTC Sense interface.

Podcast co-host Matt Miller has been playing with an Incredible for a few days and he is duly impressed.

The HTC DROID Incredible performed flawlessly for me over the three days I tested it and it was extremely fast and responsive. I loaded up almost 30 3rd party applications thanks to the ability to sign into the Android Market with my account and found them all to perform well.

The Droid Incredible looks to be the best phone currently on the Verizon network, especially if you are partial to the Android platform.

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greg wyatt

I would purchase this phone if it did’nt have the sense UI. This all but guarantees delays and issues with future OS upgrades. That’s the beauty of the Nexus One and why I was hoping the Nexus one would be coming to Verizon.

Scott Lewis

Adding HTC Sense may make it better on day one but, the reason the nexus one is so popular is that a nexus one owner never has to wait for a new rev of Android or various Google authored apps. If HTC added sense that means customers will have to wait for HTC to decide to adopt new Android releases and to re-integrate and test. That’s a tough tradeoff.


Not necessarily… Given HTC and xda-developers track record it will have a root exploit shortly after launch, even if they don’t go with the one way root of the nexus.

With root you can load whatever custom rom you want, to get the UI and feature set that best suits you. This is the biggest win of Android in my opinion.

Also, all the Google apps are not UI limited. Some have a minimum OS level (like Google Nav requiring 1.6 minimum). Given 2.1 you should not have a problem for a while and Xda has been keeping up with Google releases so far and I don’t see this changing.

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