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New iPhone is Found — Literally

A phone that is reported to be the next iPhone has appeared on the web and has the techerati buzzing. It was first reported to be a prototype that was found, yes found in the wild as someone supposedly left it somewhere. It doesn’t work according to everyone who has gotten their hands on it, and that crowd is getting larger every day.

Engadget has the first look at the new iPhone, and Gizmodo now has a look at it. Kind of a second look, if you will. What can we tell about this phone, if it is indeed the new iPhone? It’s flat, for one thing. Gone is the curved back of the current iPhone. It’s plastic, black plastic to be specific. It’s heavier than the current model, which perhaps is due to the bigger battery that is in this prototype. It might have a higher resolution display, which would make it more of an “iPad lite” I suppose. It’s attractive, no question, but it sure looks thick to me.

Image credit: Engadget, Gizmodo

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16 Responses to “New iPhone is Found — Literally”

  1. oneAwake

    Information will be coming out that this was a publicity stunt put on by Apple and gizmodo. Looking at the number of Android super phones coming to the market, couple with the declining interest and hype for the iPad, I can see why Apple did this. Once Apples minions get wind of this, they just might commit suicide like that Asian guy who lost an iPhone prototype a while back.

  2. If you look at the iPod, iPhone, iTouch or the iPad, all these devices are sleak and seamless. This device has seams and what appears to be screws at the bottom. An obvious fake. Come-on. It looks clunky. Apple would have to be taking a step backwards not forwards.

    • Hashish Jihad

      I think it was real but just a Prototype. Apple is the King of Industrial Design and you can be sure they will make this phone right. Sure other makers stick the latest components in their phones first but when Apple does it they do it right, consumers recognize this hence the Apple premium on all their great products.

  3. Johnny Truther

    Looks like its the real deal. Apple wants it back. But is it just an early prototype, pre-production or production-ready model ?
    Supposedly the thing worked when they initially got it then it died via Apple remote control death sword. So was it a CDMA iPhone, CDMA + GSM, or just GSM ?
    Nice to see, but still leaves many unanswered questions, they should have turned it over to the guys for a few minutes.
    The amount of free publicity for Apple was just amazing and makes you wonder if this wasn’t dreamed up by some Cupertino engineer’s meeting.

  4. I’m also disappointed in the screen size. I used a HTC HD 2 for a week and that screen was beautiful. I returned it because the 3G was weak in my area from T-mobile, also slacker and other apps crashed constantly. I, like James, will be waiting for the EVO. I would love to have a mobile WiMax wifi for my iPad. Any idea James when WiMax will launch in Cleveland?

  5. Jahan Khan Rashid

    i look at those pictures and I just think
    “mac book pro” quality, I love it!! i’m a bit surprised the screen is actually smaller though. I’m surprised gizmodo couldn’t give any more details like the screens pixel count, (id have been that excited id have counted them with a magnifying glass!!) it seems too good to be true, i just think they could have given more detail on the internal hardware.

  6. oneAwake

    I believe this is a fake, someone is obviously trying to still the thunder from the HTC Incredible. Why are video and pictures now surfacing the day after the Incredible gets un-boxed and reviewed? This alleged iphone was supposedly found almost a week ago.

  7. I was kind of disappointed to not see a larger screen. I was really hoping they would increase the screen size to 4.3″. Still, not bad overall. I will still probably go for the EVO on sprint when my upgrade comes around, especially now that Android has Runkeeper. As for having a 4.3″ screen strapped to my arm while running…

  8. DRTigerlilly

    It’s supposed to be a ceramic/glass hybrid not black plastic, which is supposed to be more durable & scratch resistant, and radio transparent.

  9. I don’t think Engadget got their hands on. I think they were slipped photos in hopes that they would buy access. They’ve edited their post a few times, they mentioned a $10,000 price tag twice. So my guess is that Gizmodo obviously came to some sort of agreement with whomever possesses it. Gruber says Apple believes it was stolen.

  10. As stated in the Gizmodo post, it is thinner than the 3GS. The lack of a taper may make it look thicker, but it is definitely not. You can see this in the comparison shots.