iPad 3G Available On May 7


Apple has announced that the 3G model of the iPad will be made available on May 7.

News of the launch comes following an update to the Apple online store, which finally details the U.S. availability of the 3G capable device. Of course, the listed release date applies only to the U.S. and does not involve the unfortunate delayed international launch.

For those interested in the 3G model of Apple’s tablet, it starts at $629 for a 16GB device, with the top-of-the-line 64GB model coming in at $829. However those who do choose to plump for the 3G device, just like our very own Patrick Hunt, will have to sign up for an AT&T data plan. AT&T is currently offering 3G iPad owners two contract-free options — $14.99 a month for 250MB, and an unlimited plan for $30 per month.

When the iPad does eventually launch internationally this coming May it is hoped that both the Wi-Fi and 3G capable models will be available from day one, and many European carriers have already announced intentions to carry Apple’s device.

Interestingly Apple’s website lists the shipping date as “by May 7th,” hinting that for those who have already ordered there device could be sent out a few days before.

So if you live outside the U.S. the wait for the iPad continues. But for those within the U.S., the wait for the 3G is now only a few weeks away, unless you’re Steve Wozniak that is.

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