Acer Ferrari One Video Review


Hope you like our new video player that is being rolled out. This is our first one using the new system so let us know what you think of it in the comments.



Does 720p Flash on YouTube really stutter? I’m asking because that particular video James showed stuttered terribly on my notebook, although it has no trouble at all with 720p video.
Could you please give YouTube 720p a go at full screen? @James

Allan Jones

I’m told that the etymology of ‘Ferrari’ goes back to people who work with iron. So whenever I see a Ferrari car (or computer) I wonder whether it would be equally attractive if it were called a ‘Smith’!


really is a beautiful device, any word if they will making a CULV version?

the reason the video is stuttering is because its flash. even my netbook can play 720p smoothly if its WMV, DIVX. as far as flash goes, anything above 360 stutters non-stop.

James Kendrick

I don’t think they’ll make an Intel version, as AMD is in the partnership for the Ferrari line. I could be wrong but doubt it.

James Kendrick

This new video system is smart enough to play Flash video when it can and Quicktime for those devices that can’t handle Flash.


Great video James! Watched it on the road with my iPad and MiFi. Keep all videos in QuickTime that way all can watch them great videos. I also play NetFlix with my Ferarri One on my 42″ plasma and no dropped frames plays great and the Dolby sound is great on the F1. It’s a great performer.


@Luscious: I ran the very same video on my L7400 Intel Core 2 Duo Laptop (1,5GHz) with Intel graphics and it stuttered, although 720p everywhere is fine (I don’t usually run into 1080p, though it does stutter occasionally). Perhaps it’s 1080p?


I’m thinking the same. 1080p playback makes no sense at all, but with a 1280×800 or 1366×768 display on these small machines, you get a compelling personal HD viewing platform.

Keep in mind, the Broadcom solution does support 1080p, and plays back smooth – a good choice if you happen to have a HDMI port on your machine to plug into the big screen.


Yeah, I’m watching on my iPad. When I used a HTC HD2 for a week I could watch your videos on jkontherun using skyfire, does skyfire on winmo have proper flash?

Kevin C. Tofel

BTW: this video can be seen on iPhone OS devices, sans Flash. We’re slowly getting there from a mobile device perspective. ;)


Nice video review! I’m kind of surprised the AMD processor would stutter like that on full screen video. My 2133 with it’s ancient VIA C7M handles full-screen WMV 720p no problem.

I’m still partial to an N470 setup with the Broadcom video board. The HP 5102, while smaller, looks just as sexy in red metallic, and probably doesn’t get as warm.

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