Bloomberg’s Krim: Our Paywall Won’t Be Like Everyone Else’s

Kevin Krim, began showing off its new look earlier today, but sometime in the next few months, the site will also be sporting a paywall around some of its content. In an interview with paidContent, Kevin Krim, the head of, offered a few more details about the next phases of the redesigned site, which is intended to build a broader audience — and a larger ad-supported revenue stream — for the financial news company’s offerings across the web and connect users to its other platforms on mobile and TV. “We think we can deliver a continuously relevant experience from the moment a business professional wakes up and turns on the radio or TV, looks at their phone as they head to the office and checks the site once they arrive,” Krim said. “We’ve got so much content, it’s now possible to highlight some areas that haven’t received as much attention.”

Bloomberg wants to raise the profile on some of its lifestyle coverage and political news as well. “There’s a lot of news that we gather and it’s not all directly tied to the market,” Krim said, mentioning the company’s Washington, DC, bureau that’s been operating under former WSJ editor Al Hunt for over five years. This kind of feature content will appear on the lower half of the screen.

Later this week, will also begin highlighting stories from Bloomberg BusinessWeek, which is unveiling its revamped print and digital version on Wednesday. Krim said he’s not worried about the site undercutting the BW site since both serve different purposes. is meant to be more general with a wider focus on breaking news from across the spectrum, while BW’s site will serve as an online version of the magazine.

The fact that doesn’t have a legacy print publication to support is the key aspect in figuring out the still-to-be-decided paywall strategy, Krim said. “We’ve been talking about some experiments around online subscriptions,” he said. “We want to do it differently from others on the web. We want it to be reliable, straightforward experience and not feel like we


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