Bloomberg Site Redesign Phase One: New Layout is More Ad-Friendly


As the print edition of Bloomberg Businessweek gets rebooted later this week, is unveiling its makeover a little earlier. Aside from replacing the dark background with a lighter one, the updated site will be sporting the Online Publishers Association pushdown ad unit, a larger display format intended to attract higher CPM ads. While Bloomberg’s business is built on its subscription terminals to financial firms, the new site is part of a plan to widen its appeal to a more general audience of business professionals to help it better compete against the likes of Thomson Reuters (NYSE: TRI) and Dow Jones/WSJ.

The other phases of the redesign will be rolled out over the next few months. In addition to the online magazine-like presentation of news headlines, the new site also promises auto-assist search and more eye-catching videos. The increased profile of its videos is also meant to promote another important part of Bloomberg’s multimedia strategy: that is, building up its business news TV channel to better challenge CNBC.



It’s much better than the old Windows and IE oriented Bloomberg site. I can now listen or watch bloomberg content from my mobile.


I run from CNBC and Reuters because of their horrible layout. Bloomberg should keep its original layout.

jerry rawls

i don’t see any indication of ads coming to especially since their current site doesn’t have any.


if they really want it “to widen its appeal to a more general audience…” they should DUMP the idea of pushdowns altogether, not much is more annoying than those buggahs.

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