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Weekend Poll: With VP8 Open Source, Who Will Lose Out?

Our posts about Google open sourcing its VP8 video codec have provoked a lot of discussion on NewTeeVee and across the web this week. There seem to be many different opinions out there on what this actually means. Will VP8 become the codec of choice on YouTube, delivering a huge blow to Adobe? Will Flash incorporate VP8, strengthening its position against HTML5? How will Apple react once there’s a viable alternative to using H.264 for HTML5 web video? And what does all of this mean for Ogg Theora?

Of course, much of this depends on what Google actually does with VP8 once it is open source, as well how other companies respond, so we might just have to wait and see. However, it never hurts to speculate, and we think that many of our readers have an interesting take on this issue, which is why we came up with a quick poll.

Please fill it out to let us know who you think will be on the losing side once VP8 is open source – and feel free to elaborate in the comments!

[polldaddy poll=3065731]

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