Coffee Break- Blogging on the iPad with a Keyboard


I didn’t set out to work when I headed out to the local Starbucks. I wanted to sit in the big comfy chair and read for a while. I arrived at the store only to find all of the comfy chairs occupied and the Starbucks fairly hopping. I got my drink and sat down at one of those tiny round tables, the ones that fit a couple of drinks and not much else. Little did I know that I would soon be working away.

I pulled out the iPad I had thrown in the bag and started to log into the Wi-Fi, but thought I’d check to see if the Sprint 4G network I recently singed up for was active in this location. I hit the button on the Sprint Overdrive and waited a couple of minutes for it to power up. Boot speed is not one of its strengths.

Lo and behold the 4G was not only active but with nearly full signal strength. This meant my bandwidth should be pretty darn good and it was. I was getting over 4 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up in no time.

This healthy bandwidth had me surfing the web and doing all sorts of things without missing a beat on the iPad. I decided to share this information and pulled out the Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard that I have tested with the iPad but haven’t used much. I was going to town with the keyboard and the iPad, all on the 4G network shared by the Overdrive modem. True mobile tech, working together seamlessly. I haven’t had so much fun since the old Sony U days.

I used the WordPress app for the iPad to create this post. It works great and handles everything except uploading images for the post. That’s a shame and they need to add this, as it means I could only post it as a draft and then add the image at home for publishing. The iPhone version of the app has this ability, since it has a camera, but the iPad needs it too. Actually, the app has this ability but it keeps crashing on me when I try it.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t recommend everyone go out and get all of this equipment. But if you already have it like I do, it sure works great. I realize that many would say that I could easily have done this on a netbook, but I’d say you were wrong about that. I didn’t have a netbook with me, and this was much more enjoyable. Fun times when Mobile Tech Manor hits the road.

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