Weekend Video: Can iPad Save Newspapers & Magazines?

Yesterday I was part of CNET’s Reporters’ Roundtable, talking about the in-vogue topic of whether iPad will be a savior of newspapers and magazines. Moderated by Rafe Needleman, editor of CNET’s Webware, it included Damon Darlin, the technology editor of News York Times, and me. Some of the issues brought up:

— What is the problem at newspapers and magazines?
— What’s different about the iPad? (a business model reset?)
— How much will readers pay? Should they pay anything?
— Will magazines’ investments in developing iPad version pay back? And more importantly, do people want to read this way?
— What can publishers learn from music industry in doing deal with Jobs? Is Jobs going to take over news the way he did music? Censorship issue?

The 30 minute video is embedded after the jump.

P.S.: I wasn’t in our NY headquarters, but rather in my apartment here.