In Tweetie Aftermath, Tweetarena Selling Twitter Client Assets on eBay


Though the Twitter developer ecosystem, brought together at the company’s Chirp conference this week, is doing its best to move forward after Twitter bought an iPhone client (s AAPL), there’s still fallout to be had. The day after Twitter bought Tweetie, the maker of competing mobile client Tweetarena put its assets up on eBay (s eBay).

Tweetarena was not one of the most popular Twitter clients — it had around 50,000 users — but developer Andrew Weekes clearly hadn’t lost interest in it. Just this month, he built a new version of Tweetarena for release the same day as the iPad launch, and it already has more than 1,500 purchases. The eBay auction, which has a starting price of $15,000 and no bids so far, includes the brand and source code for iPhone, Android (s GOOG), iPad and other additions, including the unreleased next version of the Tweetarena iPhone/iPod touch app.

Weekes didn’t directly explain the timing of his offloading the project, but he did say that:

Up until now Tweeterena has been a bit of a hobby, I have been putting every bit of spare time into the project. Believe it or not, I do have a day job and due to this and various other new commitments in my life I feel it is time to move this ongoing project into the hands of somebody else who will be able to put the time in to developing it further.

Interested parties have less than 24 hours left to place their bids — but at this point it’s not clear that anyone other than Twitter is buying up Twitter clients.

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Harold Ramis

I have one too, auction set for $5K, please someone buy my old Twitter client, I need a job now.

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