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Two Android Tablets Streaking from Dell

Just this morning on the podcast, we were wondering where all the smartbooks are, but the question could easily apply to consumer tablets too. Microsoft (s msft) and HP (s hpq) jointly announced a slate at the Consumer Electronics Show, but the product isn’t available yet. Add Dell (s dell) to the list with a pair of Streak tablets found by Engadget. We probably won’t see them for months either, but it looks like these devices will run on Google Android, along with a custom Dell interface like Dell’s Aero phone.

Aside from the sizes of 7″ and 10″, there isn’t much else to know at the moment. Unlike Apple’s iPad (s aapl), both tablets look to have a widescreen aspect ratio — that sounds good for video, but I’m wondering how the narrow width will handle a web site in portrait mode. Given the solid Android browser, it’s probably not a concern, but I prefer not to zoom when possible. My other hope is that these slates aren’t hobbled by restrictions on the Android Market and other Google services — I’ve pointed that out before by saying that Google is missing an opportunity in this market. Hopefully, that’s a non-issue and these tablets streak to market soon.

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9 Responses to “Two Android Tablets Streaking from Dell”

  1. FLoydWraggle

    its funny how now everyone “questions” the widescreen decision of these tablets after Apple decided to go the standard 4×3 route. yet those same people have no problem using WVGA phones like the N1, Droid, etc. honestly, i dont take tech media anymore seriously than i would FOX News at this point..

  2. Alslayer

    These tablets look awesome. I love the 7 inch one. If apple makes a 7 inch tablet then I will probably turn into a fanboy.

    Honestly I think apple created a market that didn’t exist.

  3. Norway iPad Ruler

    They are just trying to stay relevant in the tablet market which has already been taken over by Apple.

    Be advised that the iPad reached new heights today as the country of Norway is being officially governed via the Apple iPad. This is being done because the Prime Minister is stranded in NYC due to Volcano grounding all European flights.

    If you can indeed run an entire country using only an iPad this truly is a magical device just like Steve said.

  4. I have your same concern about the portrait mode width during web browsing, but if they are smart and make it 1366×768 resolution (at least on the 10″ model, the 7″ will probably be 1024×600) then the width won’t really be a problem if you compare it to the iPad. It’ll essentially be the same width but with more vertical space, which is welcome.