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No Buyers, No Mags: RBI Shuts Down 23 U.S. Trades

Reed Business Information is shutting down 23 controlled circulation titles (listed below) in the United States, the almost-final phase of an often painfully slow divestiture effort that started last July after earlier attempts fizzled. Almost, because the company still has intellectual property and other assets to disperse. A Reed Elsevier (NYSE: RUK) spokesman wouldn’t tell Folio how many jobs will be affected when the titles shut down at the end of April. The titles sold or closed represented approximately 45 percent of RBI-US revenues, according to the company; following that logic, the titles being closed now represent about one-third of that.

RBI has already committed to keeping Variety, Marketcast and 411 Publishing, Reed Construction Data and the Buyerzone lead generation business; Jewelers