Newspaper Circs: Grim When Bulks Are Gone


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By Steve Busfield: A grim month for quality daily newspapers saw large across-the-board year-on-year circulation falls in March, although the comparisons with February were less dramatic.

The Times, which a year ago was still selling more than 600,000 copies, is now hovering just over the half-million mark at 502,436. The Guardian’s headline circulation figure is now 283,063 and the Daily Telegraph 686,679.

All these papers have stripped bulks from their circulation figures, while the Independent has increased its bulk distribution and now has a headline figure of 184,137. The Guardian has also significantly reduced overseas distribution, from 37,947 last March to 19,413.

The Daily Telegraph

Headline circulation: 686,679

Month-on-month change: +0.22 percent

Year-on-year change: -10.21 percent

Full price circulation: 309,977 (45 percent of total)

Subscription: 328,295

Overseas: 44,408

The Times

Headline circulation: 502,436

Monthly: -0.52 percent

Yearly: -16.29 percent

Full price circulation: 347,132 (69 percent of total)

Subscription: 120,741

Overseas: 22,908

The Financial Times

Headline circulation: 401,286

Monthly: +2.84 percent

Yearly: -6.41 percent

Full rate UK circulation: 62,612 (15 percent of total)

UK subscription: 13,743

Overseas: 286,432

UK bulks: 31,269

The Guardian

Headline circulation: 283,063

Monthly: -0.51 percent

Yearly: -16.98 percent

Full rate circulation: 217,133 (76 percent of total)

Subscription: 34,530

Overseas: 19,413

The Independent

Headline circulation: 184,137

Monthly: +0.32 percent

Yearly: -10.31 percent

Full rate circulation: 88,976 (48 percent of total)

Subscription: 4,798

Overseas: 32,588

UK bulks: 53,742

Headline circulation includes subscriptions, bulks

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