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If SNL Were To Do A Sketch About BusinessWeek Redesign…

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…With an earnest young editor, too polished for his own good. Except this isn’t a sketch, it is real. BusinessWeek under Bloomberg, brilliantly dubbed Bloomberg BusinessWeek, is relaunching the magazine on Apr 23rd, and it has released a preview as a series of short videos from its new-ish editor-in-chief Josh Tyrangiel. And to help its “readers” navigate the radically new concept of a business mag, I have taken some notes below:

— “They come to us with needs.” No, they don’t. Get over yourself.

— “The mission of our 1700 reporters around the globe is to curate that world for you, to tell you what’s important, to tell you why you need to know about it, and what action you need to be prepared to take to compete in the weed ahead.” 1700 reporters? OK, so now all Bloomberg reporters worldwide work for Josh? Sure they’re happy to hear this.

— “Our aim at Bloomberg BusinessWeek is to be your one-stop shop for business news.” Delusions of granduer in a distributed news world? That too in a weekly print magazine?

— “The most important new feature of the new Bloomberg BusinessWeek is that it is comprehensive…it is genuinely comprehesive.” Whoa, that’s deep.

— “All of them have a point of view; all of them answer the question: ‘why do I need to read this right now’.” Except it is a week old.

— “Our mission, when we say comprehensive, is really to serve the whole business person.” I am complete now.

Who’s ready for MoreClarity, MoreEnergy, MoreImpact? I am. Can’t wait to pick up the copy on Apr 23rd.

16 Responses to “If SNL Were To Do A Sketch About BusinessWeek Redesign…”

  1. p.costello

    I had to laugh at this: “As someone who is passionate about business and business news….” Go to and do a search for stories by Josh. You will find music reviews aplenty but business stories? nah. Josh has not a clue about business journalism. That’s why they hired Eric Pooley to chaperone.

    Business Week was a finalist for the National Magazine awards 23 times when Steve Shepard was editor, winning 4 times, twice for general excellence. Now THAT is someone who is passionate about business news.

    JT does not even seem know or care that one should probably not schedule their big coming out party on the exact same night as the National Magazine Awards. I think there is some lesson taught at J school: Offend if you must, but not unnecessarily.

    BW blunder?

    Bloomberg BusinessWeek plans to unveil its long awaited redesign, which it claims will “reinvent the business magazine,” with a party on April 22.

    Unfortunately, BusinessWeek will be serving cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at Bloomberg headquarters the same night that the magazine industry is staging the National Magazine Awards at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

    There is no chance that BW will be among the winners. The magazine, where Josh Tyrangiel recently replaced Steve Adler as editor-in-chief, is not a finalist in any category.

    Still, competing with the National Magazine Awards for coverage is considered a blunder.

    “Theoretically, you could still make both — you’d just have to leave theirs early,” said ASME CEO SidHolt.

    Read more:

  2. Henry Meister

    its easy to move quickly when all you’re doing is throwing mud.

    there is an enormous difference between reporting the news as Business Week, the Economist, etc. try to do, (and this actually requires journalists) – and chaise lounge bloggers who hurl opinions – often snarky ones – when news breaks.

    the later is very easy to do.

    Rafat’s suggestion that we not read his blog is actually a good one.

  3. N.J. Patel

    What’s a little snark between journalists. Rafat and his crew accomplish a helluva a lot and faster than the “1,400 Journalists” that are required to “complete me” by this BW guy. Rafat is better qualified to hurl tomatoes at Businessweek 2.0 and the pretentious crap that some corporate flack spun from a cush office at Hizonner’s media empire hard by the Hudson. Keep it coming and i’ll keep reading.

  4. jerry rawls

    nothing wrong with conveying a vision- maybe you so-called journalists and editors could learn a thing or two about business. hate is cheap- join the tea party

  5. editortoo

    I saw this video last night. I thought it was a joke. Being a magazine editor myself I can’t imagine doing something so silly. Besides, he better do something interesting soon because the BusinessWeek now sucks.

  6. Henry Meister

    Agree with the first comment. snark for snark’s sake.

    get over yourself.

    I’m guessing you never had a real job.

    there is not one thing, whatsoever, wrong with Tyrangiel’s vision and ambitions for the magazines.

    How ’bout if we give him a chance before we rip apart his goals.

    In short – grow up.

  7. jerry rawls

    i’m actually paying attention to business week’s evolution and thought there would be some substance to this article. you sounds like a brat teasing on the play ground.