Nomadesk Adds Outlook Integration

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Nomadesk, a file sync, sharing and backup service, today announced a small but useful new feature: Outlook (s msft) integration. Nomadesk users are now able to use the new FileLink plug-in for Outlook, which gives them the option of using Nomadesk for securely sending larger files.

Just drag and drop your files into an email, as you would do normally when attaching them. The FileLink plug-in then pops up an alert, asking if you would prefer to use Nomadesk to send the file (handily, you can configure it to have it ask you every time you attach a file, or only for files that are above a certain size):

If you elect to send it using Nomadesk, the file is uploaded to your Nomadesk fileserver and a link is inserted into your email that the recipient can click on to download the file. For additional security, you can specify how long to make the link last for, and optionally apply a password:

Here’s a demo video, which shows the seamless process of sending and receiving large files in Outlook using the Nomadesk plug-in:

It works well and is very easy to use, although I should note that I had to manually install the plug-in — for some reason it didn’t install automatically with the rest of the Nomadesk software — and it only works with Outlook 2007 or later.

Thursday was impressed by Nomadesk’s array of features when she reviewed it last year; this neat Outlook integration makes it an even more attractive file sync option.

Let us know what you think of the Outlook integration in the comments.

1 Comment

Mark Chaney

Seems like a good product, but their pricing is way to high for their team based accounts. Shouldnt be more then $5-$7 per month per user.

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