Twitter: All the Numbers That Matter


Twiiter, at its first-ever developers conference — known as Chirp — which is being held in San Francisco had its co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams provided some hard numbers behind the growth and size of the social network. Here are some of the most important ones we’ve collected so far:

* 105,779,710 registered users

* 3 billion API calls a day

* 175 employees

* 600 million searches per day

* 300,000 new users per day

* 180 million unique visitors per month

* 37 percent of active users use Twitter on their phones

* 75 percent of traffic comes from outside

* 100,000 registered applications

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I find those numbers incredibly hard to believe. I can honestly say, not a single person I know tweets, and that’s a pretty large number of people.


This is amazing. Per day 300,000 new visitors came.Its an interesting. In GSS America having job openings are there.

Andy @ FirstFound

600m searches per day? No wonder Google and Bing were falling over themselves to get involved. Real Time search might just be the next huge thing.

christina sponselli

75 percent of traffic comes from outside

Curious about this stat. How are these users being driven to

christina sponselli

According to Alltop, this stat is for third-party apps.


Incredible! As in, not credible, self reported numbers. “Registered users”? Does that include affilliate spammers, deal offers, corporate marketing and advertising accounts–the kind of traffic half of those API calls support? I have three accounts myself. Am I three registered users? It would be nice to see some of the breathless journalists out there asking real questions.


A number which would be interesting to get is the number of daily active users, the number of automated posts (which I believe is more than 50% of the active users).

@Marcelo – has shown to be way off, but yes it’d be interesting to know if they consider API-based visitors among the unique visitors. If so, that would explain why the numbers are way off.

Marcelo Calbucci

Mathew, if you have the opportunity you should question those “600 million searches per day”. That number seems to be way off. It would put Twitter ahead of Bing and Yahoo and neck-and-neck with Google. So, how’s that possible?

Compete says that has just about 2.9M unique visitors per day.

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