BlackBerry Bold 9700 Gains Slingbox Support on Wi-Fi and 3G


Good news for BlackBerry Bold 9700 handset owners — SlingPlayer Mobile is now supported on your device! Obviously you need some Slingbox hardware to stream live television from the home to the handset. But if you have that, you can download and install the software for remote media control and playback. The SlingPlayer Mobile client works on both AT&T and T-Mobile 9700 phones and isn’t restricted to Wi-Fi only. That means you can watch live or recorded television on the go over 3G networks.

A SlingPlayer Mobile license will set you back a one-time $29.99 fee, but Sling says you can transfer an existing license key at no charge. The only exception to that rule is for iPhone or iPod touch version keys. I don’t have a Bold 9700 — and I’m still waiting for the Android version of SlingPlayer Mobile — but I’d imagine that live television would look awful nice on the small but high-resolution¬†480×320 display of a 9700.

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Image credit: Sling Media


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