International iPad Delayed a Month Due to High U.S. Demand


It’s official — the iPad (s aapl) doesn’t suck — according to a press release by Apple. The company is pushing back the availability of the iPad outside the U.S. a month, due to higher than expected demand in this country. Apple goes on to say that over 500,000 iPads have been sold the first week, and the inability to keep up with that demand makes it difficult to make the slate available outside the U.S. at the end of this month as previously planned.

The difficulty of meeting demand in the U.S. is worsened by the large number of 3G models that have been preordered for delivery at the end of April. International customers waiting impatiently for the iPad to go on sale can preorder an iPad online beginning May 10. Those affected by this delay can take solace in the fact that apparently the iPad is even better than anticipated.

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Sounds like this site is taking the “I believe every word apple feeds me” approach.

Do you really believe it’s about overselling in the US and no other reason. Call me cynical but there are other reasons that have been touted out on the www and I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned the possibility, no matter how small, that they may accurate

Sandra Lee

Noooooo i want my ipad! i just moved here from america and i wished i’d stay there haha! i can’t believe they expect me to wait until may 10!! how sad! Does this mean that the 3G version overseas is delayed? noooooooooo!


This is probably more about getting books etc available outside the united states. I can’t believe they underestimated demand on this.

Antonio Romo

This is great news for all those eBay and Craigslist resellers who are getting $1000+ for their iPads. WooHoo its a Gold Rush.

I think this demand is growing from all the positive feedback coming from the first 300,000 users. No doubt it could sell millions overseas if they could just make them fast enough.

And just think as good as the iPad already is IT IS GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY with new and exciting apps that are just mind-blowing. I am having a blast on my iPad.

I don’t blame anyone overseas for paying thousands because the iPad premium is worth every penny. It truly is a magical device at an astonishing low price.

Everybody needs an iPad it is just that good.

Jahan Khan Rashid

i probably would have bought one if it was on schedule, but i think its a dangerous but unavoidable move. There could be a lot of other tablet announcements in the space of that delay.
now that im getting used to android on my x10 the chances are getting slimmer!

Neil Thompson


I read somewhere, can’t remember where now, that the US iPad won’t work with the UK iTunes store and unlike the iPhone, you cannot use the gift card trick to get a US account.

Think you will be ok with any iPhone apps that you download from the UK store that also have the iPad binary – but don’t quote me on it!



hmmm thats interesting sounds like another way for apple to keep there claws in lol!


Does the ipad have an international warranty?? if so i might just get mine from Las vegas when i visit next month but this delay is a set back for uk fans


Oh dear. I can only see volatile exchange rates after the UK general election on the 6th May. Presumably Apple will be charging accordingly.

Gavin Miller

‘apparently the iPad is even better than anticipated’.

Did you mean ‘selling’ better than anticipated James?


That’s like saying the Wii is good because it was in high demand!

Neil Thompson

Perhaps Apple would also care to enlighten on UK pricing. My worry is that “unbelievable pricing” may mean “Boy, I can’t believe how unbelievably high the price of that iPad is”…

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