IAB Hopes To Head Off Regs With ‘Transparency Seal’

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Credit: Corbis / Jane Marinsky

With the online ad industry’s self-policing regime constantly under attack from privacy advocates and lawmakers, the Interactive Advertising Bureau is working with the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) on doing more outreach to consumers and promoting greater transparency about the way data is collected.

In a conversation with paidContent, Mike Zaneis, the IAB’s VP for public policy, described the effort is a way to address web users’ concerns more directly by identifying what sites are using targeted ads and how the info is being collected. So far, the FTC doesn’t seem to be moving forward on new regs for online ads. But privacy advocates have continued to lobby Congress on privacy concerns and it is expected that Rep. Rick Boucher (D-VA) will draft new legislation governing online ads by this summer.

The new standard practices represent an update of an industry agreement struck by the IAB and other ad trade groups in July. The transparency program is known as the CLEAR (for Control Links for Education and Advertising Responsibly) Ad Notice Technical Specifications and it suggests that advertisers and ad networks to begin deploying a clickable icon in or near online ads that directs users to behavioral advertising and choices about such ads.

“The beauty of these tech specs is that they

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