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Threaded Project Management With Threadbox

Threaded conversations have become a popular way of managing information online: threaded comments and email make it easier to keep track of conversations. Threadbox takes that threaded structure and applies it to the process of managing projects and teams. Unlike traditional project management tools which have tasks, files and other information across different pages, Threadbox creates a time-stamped thread that will allow you to track everything in one conversation.

Handling Information Beyond Text

Threadbox lets you add much more than just text to your threaded conversations. You can post information in a variety of formats: tasks, conference calls, polls, addresses, events and even files. Each of these items will appear in the conversation, along with any notes you post through the rich text field. In order to keep the people participating in your conversation up-to-date without requiring them to check in every few minutes, Threadbox sends out email notifications of any updates to the thread. Users can simply reply to the notification via their email and the app will post their reply to the thread, without requiring them to log in. Each conversation has a unique email address for posting updates via email.

Creating a new thread is just a matter of clicking a button and adding the email addresses of anyone you want to include in the conversation (they’ll be asked to sign up for a Threadbox account if they don’t already have one).

A Conversational Approach

For many teams, projects don’t start with a comprehensive task list, a schedule and every file needed. Instead, the different parts of a project evolve through conversations about what needs to happen, who needs to do it and when it should happen. If your team is like that, Threadbox may be a better fit than traditional project management tools.

However, if your team is very focused on an approach that relies more on formal task lists and other forms of organization, the threaded conversations that make up a project on Threadbox may be less useful. It does allow you to filter threads so that you can see, for example, all the tasks or all the files with just a single click. It’s certainly worth trying out, even if you’re not sure how it will mesh with how you personally handle information. Threadbox moved to open beta today, which means that anyone can now sign up for an account without an invite code. It’s free to use, although a Pro version is expected soon.

Have you tried Threadbox? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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One Response to “Threaded Project Management With Threadbox”

  1. It’s a nice feature, although I have to say that I’ve seen it in other applications as well. Even twitter now has a similar threading feature.

    I would change the last section title from Conversational Approach to “Controversial Approach”. IMO, and the opinion of many other Project Managers, tasks are pre-defined, they may evolve through change requests, but they should not stem from such treads.

    I think though that some Agile practitioners might appreciate this tool.