It’s a MacBook Pro Parade


All focus on Apple (s aapl) may be aimed at the iPad and the new iAd service but Cupertino is still conducting business as usual. A refreshed line of MacBooks has been announced to keep Apple’s core business chugging along. The new MacBooks get faster processors and longer battery life to keep things interesting.

The baby MacBook Pro — the 13.3-inch model — gains faster Intel (s intc) Core 2 Duo processor options and a 10-hour battery life from the 63.5 WHr battery. The little MacBook Pro is available in two configurations, a 2.4 GHz model for $1,199 and a 2.66 GHz model for $1,499. Memory and hard drive options are available for extra cost.

Larger models are now available with Core i5 and Core i7 processor options. The 15-inch MacBook Pro is now available in three models ranging from $1,799 – $2,199. The 17-inch model comes with a Core i5 processor clocking in at 2.53 GHz for $2,299, but is available with a Core i7 option (2.66 GHz).

Apple has added a usability feature to the new line, consisting of inertial scrolling on the glass trackpad. There are three solid-state disk (SSD) options available at time of order. It is not clear if the quoted 10-hour battery life on the 13-inch MacBook Pro is with an SSD inside.

Images courtesy of Apple

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One thing I don’t hear anyone mentioning is weight of these laptops…

Seems to me that it would be nice if Apple could get the weight down a bit on these guys…

If I’m not mistaken, the new MacBook weighs about the same as my 3 year old MacBook…think it’s about 4.5 pounds or so…


I need some advice about my Macbook Purchase.

I owned a netbook for the last two years (Windows 7), but I’m getting frustrated with the performance. I’m considering a switch to Mac, and considering the 13 inch Macbook Pro.

I expected the 13 inch Macbook Pro to atleast receive Core i3 processors. I like the graphics boost, ram upgrade, and battery increase. But, I’m still on the fence with the processors.

Should I wait till fall, since they usually update around Sept-October? I do not “need” a computer, but I definitely need to upgrade this year.


I’m curious about that two year old netbook with Windows 7 there. My 2133 has served me so well, but I’m almost ready to jump on a Pinetrail puppy, just waiting for the right rebate now.


I was ready to buy a Macbook Air for myself (pass mine on to family) and a Macbook 13″ for my dad. For obvious reasons I will have to put off this purchase (hopefully not to an entire product update cycle). I guess as long as they make it within back to school this year I will be content. (The start of it woul dbe nice but that is not realistic.) But now I am quite pissed.


The 13″ config is a disappointment. I really wanted to upgrade my current unit, but the speed/processing boost is not substantial enough. Ah well, guess I get to save some money.

Bubba Clinton

Incremental update nothing earth shattering like the iPad. It will be hard to improve on the best notebooks currently available when they put all other PC notebooks to shame.

Gavin Miller

Are the changes enough for you to consider an upgrade to your Macbook James?

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