@ ASNE: Google’s Schmidt: ‘We Have A Business Model Problem, Not A News Problem’


Credit: Zach Seward

Eric Schmidt came to DC Sunday night to praise, not to bury newspapers, deftly massaging egos about the value of journalism while sliding in all the reasons they should still be concerned about the future — and the suggestion that Google (NSDQ: GOOG) should be seen as a partner. News still matters, Schmidt told members of the American Society of News Editors, with newspapers responsible for more than half of all original news coverage by his calculations: “We have a business model problem, we don



It’s the end of the Internet as we’ve known it. The Web 437.2 (or whatever the hacks are calling it these days) will be service (apps) and device driven. Content and data that is packaged for customization and sharing across multiple platforms (devices) will win.

Ed Dunn

For violent crime headlines, you can sell home security ad banners.

Putting fear (story of crime in local area) and an advertised solution (home security) to the fear is the optimal advertising combination.


Y’know, I went on a bike ride yesterday and discovered halfway through that I’d forgotten my phone at home. I did not miss it.

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