Apple’s iPad — Thoughts From a 12 Year Old (Video)


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So my son Tyler saved up, sold a gadget and did some extra chores for his Apple (s aapl) iPad. Somehow his arrived before mine last week — go figure. In any case, he’s got a week under his belt with Apple’s new device and wanted to share his thoughts, just like he reviewed the first netbook over two years ago.

Although I don’t think Tyler will convince anyone to buy (or not buy) an iPad, he offers an interesting perspective — he’s grown up in a world that’s always had personal computers. Plus he likes to be on camera. ;)

A YouTube version for non-Flash devices is here.



Loved the video – great to see the interaction between you two… and identical haircuts – almost impossible to tell you two apart! ;)

Anyway, my $0.02 is that I NEED both a rear and a front facing camera on this.

Not going to stop me from purchasing it when it becomes available in the UK, but I was in a meeting today where we really needed to take some snap shots of whiteboard drawings and text, and then annotate over them… as well as recording the meetings audio.

That’s where I see the iPad being a huge winner in the workplace – of course I’d also sell my soul for a wacom pen NOT stylus on the device as well, but I guess I’ll have to make do with my Dagi.

And yes, if they do release a new version next year WITH a camera (front and rear) I’ll upgrade in a heartbeat.



some person

thats great that he saved up for it.! i saved up enough for a macbook pro! my trick was to sell alot of my stuff on ebay!

Paul Allen

How much heat does the iPad generate? If it’s on your lap for an extended period will you get uncomfortable?


Kevin C. Tofel

Even though it’s a fanless design, I’d say little to no heat in my experience. You might feel some slight warmth after extended use, but nothing like most notebooks that I’ve used.

Fr. Ignatius

Really nice video. Thanks for taking the time. It is always a good idea to get the mindset of the young kids when talking about technology. Thanks.


Great video. I was very skeptical about the iPad until James let me touch it. I haven’t had the chance to touch it again (imagine that), but in the short time I played with it, I decided that I like it better than the iphone. I’m really torn between buying an iPad or a netbook. Decisions, decisions!


I bought the 64 GB because I have been running out of room on my 32 GB touch, and the apps are much bigger on the iPad, so figured I would need it. Interestingly, my non tech wife has requested I buy another for her and the kids..never been more surprised. You know apple does a good job when a 3 and 6 year old can figure out this device without intervention from me.

As for camera and 3G etc. I have a mifi as well, and also carry my iphone at all times, so don’t miss the camera or the 30 dollar a month 3g bill.

I do have a request of the apple accessory world. Please, someone come up with a case that can carry the MiFi along with the ipad… I am constantly looking at possible ways to do it with velcro or something.


Kids nowadays are really living with their time. When I was his age, I was playing Lego ^^
It’s lovely to see such a father/son relationship. You’ve doing a great job Kevin, your son is very smart for his age.
Keep up the good work you too.


Great review Kevin and Tyler! It’s nice to see what REAL people actually think of the device, and whatever cynical things many may think of Apple, watching Tyler’s impressions of the device brings it home to me what the POINT of the iPad is. I think you summed it up well Kevin – “It’s a computer that people who are afraid of computers, aren’t afraid of.”
Yes, there are some things it doesn’t do – but already after one week it’s indispensable to me around the house, and is my primary web browser and email machine of choice.

Incidentally, I sold my first gen 8GB iPhone to a friend last week – yes, partially to fund my iPad :-) The annoying thing was – and this may be a useful warning to anyone trying the same – I did a complete erase on it to delete all my stuff, after which it goes back to factory state and begs for iTunes. Unfortunately it would NOT let me activate the phone without signing up for a new AT&T account (or downgrading my current 3GS plan to a 2G iPhone plan). Couldn’t even use the thing as an iPod touch. I went into AT&T but they couldn’t help (some tale about they’re not allowed to activate them without a plan). In the end, I had to jailbreak the device just to get round the activation and be able to use it as an iPod touch. I love Apple products, but stupid decisions they make like this infuriate me…..


I love that the two of you have the same haircuts and oblong
glasses. Even funnier is that your hair is obviously cut by
the mom of the house. I can just see the two of sitting in
the kitchen with towels around your necks, getting pwned by mom. Classic.


Mike, it would be great if you could post a link to a pic of yourself or a video so we can all critique your appearance.

Interestingly, those that make personal remarks like this are in fact the one’s most insecure about their own looks. I’m pretty sure that’s the case here, but please, post a link and prove us wrong.

Kevin Cavanaugh

Great Job on the Review Tyler. You’ll be able to take over the family business in no time. I see you share your Dad’s sense of humor in movies. “Who throws a shoe? Honestly!”

Ray Goldenberg

We really enjoyed this interview. IMO, you have raised him well.


Really entertaining and interesting video. I enjoyed it and i think Tyler really made it to the point.
Greetings from Germany …waiting for the iPad ;)

John in Norway

That’s weird. Even with the latest Adobe update I can’t watch the video on my PC. Is this James Kendrick’s foul plan to stop anyone without an Apple product from using your site? :)

Gabe Little

Ok, so I watched it from my home PC. Loved the video! I have two daughters who are destined to be gadget lovers and can’t wait to do something similar.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever watched a video this long (or anywhere near this long) on the internet other than a movie.

Your son did a great job!


You guys are better negotiators than I. I sold my 1st gen iPhone last summer for only $120.


Nice job, Tyler!

I wonder what my daughters would think of the iPad? They’re only 7 and 5, but already quite comfortable navigating around my iPhone.


Nice work Tyler!
This is probably the best information I’ve seen regarding how the iPad actually is to have. I definitely want one and the apple promotional material is nice but this video gives me my first decent idea of what it would be like to have.



Kevin, ask Tyler if that touch grind game is two player. I saw two kids playing it on the same screen at the bestbuy that I went to check out the iPad. At least I think it was touch grind.

Regular Reader

What a great child! Children are the future. Gadgets are fun. Children are a whole ‘nother level of fun.

Nick Ricketts

Funny that this review is about the iPad and the site is dedicated to mobile devices. Yet I cannot watch anyone the videos on this site with anynof my mobile devices. They all require flash!!

Kevin C. Tofel

Video is nearly uploaded to YouTube, so hold tight. And here’s a little secret scoop — in the not too distant future, we’ll have our videos available in mobile-friendly formats as soon as we pub them. Stay tuned… ;)


Since I have been bugging you about those flash videos being (ironically) unsuitable for many mobile devices, just a quick thank you for addressing this :)


Hehe. Beat me to the punch. Anywho, awaiting YouTube upload.

@kevin Html5 for video or another service (ie vimeo)?


You’re right, he didn’t convince me to get one – I just don’t see the use-case for the WiFi only model, if any model at all, in my life.

However, it was delightful to watch you two interact, and makes me miss the days when my now 30 year old son was 12-ish and we’d geek out over which computer game was better (I said Wing Commander IV, he thought Tie Fighter) and other debates over early 1990s video games and hardware. ;-)

Thanks for sharing this.

Kevin C. Tofel

And I would have said it’s F-19 Stealth Fighter from MicroProse. ;)

If I didn’t already have a MiFi for 3G, the Wi-Fi model wouldn’t be for me. For as much as I create content, I consume it even more, and in a wide range of places, so that’s where the device is fitting in best for me right now. Totally understand your use-case and requirements.


what about the wifi version not having 3G, dont you think that is a significant disadvantage especially in this location based era we are entering?

how come you guys dont just get laser eye surgery? could make it a family event kinda thing.

Kevin C. Tofel

Since I have a MiFi, I didn’t need a 3G version of the iPad. No point in paying twice for connectivity or for a 3G radio in my case. And the location functionality of the WiFi model is far better than I expected – surprisingly accurate for LBS functions in my testing so far. Most people would think there’s a GPS radio inside the WiFi model.

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