iPad Accessories Series: Power Adapters

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When I first set out to do the iPad Accessories Series I thought it would be easy. The iPad hasn’t been out for a week so I figured there couldn’t be that many accessories to cover. Boy was I wrong! I have been amazed at how many companies are already producing cases and such for the new iPad. At this pace there is going to be a big ecosystem around the iPad, thanks to accessory makers. Today we are looking at chargers for the iPad. There are not that many choices but some good models for the iPad owner. Note the car chargers that will top off your iPad while in the car.


Apple. The Apple Power Adapter can be a second charger for those who want an extra. $29.

Boxwave VersaCharger Pro. The VersaCharger has been out for years, and is a universal international charger good for the traveler. The base charger comes with both a car charger and a wall charger and there’s even an airplane charger option. The base unit is paired with a cable for the iPad that completes the package. There are many cable adapters available for use with other devices. $25.95 base unit, $35.20 with airplane kit, iPad cable $7.95.

Kensington PowerBolt. This charger is very small for a car charger. It is a car charger only. $24.95.

Griffin PowerBlock. The PowerBlock is a tiny adapter good for traveling. $29.95.

Griffin PowerJolt. Griffin produces the PowerJolt as a companion accessory to the PowerBlock. It is a car charger only. $24.95.

Incase Combo Charger. Those in need of a second power adapter and a car charger should give the incase Combo Charger a look. It is a single adapter that works as both chargers. $39.95.

Incase Car Charger. The Incase folks have a car charger too. $24.95.

Scosche USBS3. The car charger from the folks at Scosche has a second USB port for powering additional gadgets. $24.99.

Scosche USBH3. This wall charger has a second USB port (1v) for additional use. $29.99.

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