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Xmarks Adds Open Tab Sync

Popular bookmark syncing service Xmarks has announced a great new feature: open tab sync for Firefox. You can now step away from Firefox on one machine, head over to another machine and reopen all your tabs, just as you left them.

To get the feature working, you’ll need to download a special preview of the Firefox add-on (Xmarks says that the final version should be available from the Mozilla Add-Ons site soon), and then enable the feature via Tools->Xmarks->Settings->Sync.

Xmarks works in the background and saves the state of your tabs to the server whenever they change. Then, when you want to open your saved tabs from another machine, you can do so via the Xmarks menu:

You might be thinking this is no big deal — after all, Mozilla Weave also offers open tab sync for Firefox. However, Xmarks states that this functionality will be rolled out to and Xmarks for Chrome, which means that soon we could have cross-browser open tab sync — a very tantalizing prospect!

Xmarks has been busy recently; the company has also just announced a new augmented search product called SearchBoost, which overlays ratings and reviews onto PPC ads in search results.

What do you think of the open tab sync in Xmarks?

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One Response to “Xmarks Adds Open Tab Sync”

  1. I wonder about privacy with XMarks. While it’s pretty easy to bookmark a set of open tabs and use XMarks to see it on another computer, I wouldn’t want ALL of my tab open states to be recorded every time they change. There’s stuff I’ll look at in a tab but wouldn’t want to bookmark. I see no reason for XMarks to have information on every open tab I’ve ever looked at.