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iPad Accessories Series: Case Roundup

Our iPad Accessories Series focuses on cases for the new slate from Apple (s aapl). Case manufacturers are coming out of the woodwork almost hourly; we’ve gathered up all we could find at the time of publication. The cases run the gamut from simple cloth bags to expensive leather covers for your precious. If you can’t find a case you like out of these 20+ cases, then you’d be better off leaving your iPad naked.

Apple. The Apple case for the iPad is made of a rubbery material that adds little bulk or weight to the thin device. It has the ability to form a stand to prop the iPad up in either landscape or portrait orientation. $39.

Be.ez. Case maker be.ez has the LA Robe sleeve for the iPad. The Robe is fitted to the iPad specifically, and available in a number of colors/ patterns. $29.99.

Belkin. Belkin has an entire line of cases for the iPad, ranging from simple sleeves to leather folios. $39.99 – $59.99.

Booq. Booq has long been a favorite bag maker and now has a couple of sleeves for the iPad. The Boa Skin comes in several colors and is sized for the iPad. The Taipan Sneak is a zippered neoprene case. $24.95 – $29.95.

ColcaSac. ColcaSac products are hand-made out of environmentally friendly materials. The iPad Sleeve is available in a number of colors and patterns. $34.95.

Griffin. Griffin has a line of four cases for the iPad, including a couple of sleeves and a folio. $29.99 – $49.99.

Hard Candy. The Hard Candy line of iPad cases is designed to protect the device like few others. Some of the cases are hard shells while others are unique “bubble wrap” designs. $39.95 – $49.95.

Hip Handmaids iMaxi. You may have seen the iMaxi case for the iPad and did a quick double-take. It is the only iPad case that brings to mind the phrase “ultra-absorbent.” ‘Nuff said. $30.

i-Luv. The i-Luv line of cases for the iPad contains a unique assortment of cases. There are cases that are clear to show off the iPad, and others made of cloth, silicon or leather. $24.99 0 $39.99.

incase. Case maker incase has stepped up to the plate with a number of cases for the iPad. The company’s web site shows no fewer than 6 different cases, and Apple stores carry them too. $39.95 – $59.95.

Macally. When you think of accessories for Apple products, the name Macally is one of the first that comes to mind. They have a handful of cases for the iPad that includes an innovative snap-on cover to keep things nice and thin. $19.99 – $49.99.

ModulR. The ModulR case is part of a system of components that extends the utility of the case. The components available consist of a stand to prop up and the iPad while in the case, a shoulder strap and even a car mount. No price available.

Orbino. The Padova case from Orbino is one of the best cases we found. The rich leather case used in the Padova is gorgeous, and the case also works as a stand. That beauty isn’t cheap. $209.

Scosche. The Scosche is a case that almost made our stand roundup as the Kickback fills both roles. The iPad snaps into the Kickback and can be used while in the case. $44.99.

Skooba Design. Skooba was one of the first companies to make TSA-friendly laptop bags. The neoprene iPad sleeve has a zippered pocket on the outside for carrying little things along with the iPad. $19.95.

Tom Bihn. Tom Bihn bags are always first-rate, and the Cache sleeve for the iPad looks to be no exception. It is a padded sleeve for the iPad that is available in various colors. $30.

Vaja. Spanish leather case maker Vaja is the Cadillac of case makers, and the iPad line proves that once again. All of the Vaja cases are drop-dead gorgeous, but that beauty will cost you. $120 – $170.

Waterfield Designs. San Francisco-based SFbags produces the Waterfield Designs line of bags and sleeves custom-fitted for just about every laptop ever made. The new iPad line already consists of 4 cases, from simple sleeves to cases with flap covers. $19 – $59.

There are no doubt cases I missed and there will be others appearing every day. If you know of a good case for the iPad leave details in the comments.

22 Responses to “iPad Accessories Series: Case Roundup”

  1. The choice of covers is immense but the question is what coverage the most convenient way to keep the best device. I do not think should go on the most expensive coverage, but the most powerful cases.

  2. marcjacobsxxx

    I guess the market is already overwhelmed with all kinds of cases, 90% of them are literally useless. I already bought 3, returned 2 because of ‘made in china quality’.
    Take a look here: Good quality stuff, reviewed. My third and the best choice was Tuff-Luv with multi-view angle stand feature. Price is a little bit too high but definitely worth the money.

  3. Paul Thaine

    Thanks for all of the info. on iPad cases! One question I have: Is there a case that will allow you to keep your pad safe, yet also utilize the apple dock? I’ve only tried a couple and they both seem too think? Any ideas?

  4. Michael Huneycutt

    Choose wisely. I bought the Apple case, which was great until I bought the iPad Dock and then I found the case not so great. The design does not allow you to leave the iPad in the case and place it in the Dock, at the same time taking the iPad in and out of the Apple case is a challenge. So if you get the iPad dock consider whether you can leave the iPad in the case when docking it or make sure you get a case that you can easily remove the iPad from when you want to use the iPad dock. As more accessories show up consider how they connect in relation to the case as they may not be easy to use together. For optimal flexibility, I am now looming for a case that allows for easy removal.

  5. Dennisvjames

    Great roundup. Since I will never see most of these–what would be more helpful is which ones you like and don’t like. Yeah I know it’s a personal choice but you have such GOOD TASTE that I’m curious. That and the fact that my taste seems to run along side of yours :-).

  6. Instead of a case, how about a cover like the Motion M1300 had? That cover clipped on, but a cover that had a hinge might make sense. You could even use the inside of the cover for a keyboard. They could call it a convertible iPad.

    More seriously, I’ve never gotten a cover for an iPod touch since I carry it in my pocket, and I’ve never scratched the screen. The problem with the iPad is that so far Steven Colbert has been the only one who managed to fit it into a pocket (at the Grammys). If a device is too big for even an oversize pocket, it will need a case.

    It is not surprising that there are now rumors that Apple plans a slate midway in size between an iPad and iPhone, presumably aiming for jacket pockets or purses. Even better would be Apple making deals with clothing companies and defining the optimal size of a jacket pocket. By my estimates, that would have the height about an inch smaller than the iPad height, which would not have to make the screen substantially smaller if the border were thinner in that dimension, as on the iPhone.

    • Personally, I have a very hard time imagining that Apple would place another iDevice between the iPad and the iPod Touch. iPhone apps would be too small, and iPad apps would be too big, and I don’t think you’d pick up enough additional users (as opposed to users cannibalized from the devices on either end) to justify the expense of the design and industrial production. It seems more likely to me that Apple would bump the iPod Touch up to the size of the Archos 5, and have that be the “iPad Nano” option, rather than introduce another device (and only if it shares a screen resolution with the iPhone, so that apps translate without redesign).

  7. Thanks for including our cases in your round-up, JK! If your readers are interested in seeing video demos of the other WF cases—plus the new Muzetto size “Portable” for the iPad—they can check them out here:

    or on YouTube.

    Hope you’re enjoying your new iPad!
    All the best,

  8. Mark McIntosh

    Wow that sure is a huge selection within days of a new product launch. Looks like the iPad accessory market will be in the billion$ dollar range, similar to the iPod aftermarket.