Adobe Teams Up With Conviva for Better Flash Video Delivery

Adobe (s ADBE) is announcing a strategic partnership with Conviva today that aims to improve Flash video streaming through advanced analytics and CDN optimization.

Conviva’s technology works by offering a real-time view into how certain video streams are performing and adjusts those streams as necessary, enabling media companies to balance delivery across multiple CDNs based on cost and performance. As a result, its customers can provide a better user experience at a lower cost than if they just used a single CDN without Conviva’s help. By integrating Adobe’s Flash with the Conviva media control platform, media companies will better be able to support large, highly scalable live and on-demand online video deployments.

The announcement comes just a few months after Conviva named former NBC (s GE) CTO Darren Feher as its new chief executive. Feher had extensive experience with Conviva during his time at NBC, as the broadcaster used Conviva’s media delivery platform to enhance live and on-demand streaming for a number of sporting events, including the 2009 Masters Tournament, Wimbledon, NFL Sunday Night Football and most recently, the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games.

Importantly, however, those events all used Microsoft’s (s MSFT) Flash rival Silverlight for video delivery. So improving Flash video could help increase market opportunities for both firms. By collaborating with Adobe, Conviva will be able to offer up an improved experience for Flash, which is used for delivery about about 75 percent of all online video. The integrated solution will work with Adobe’s proprietary RTMP streaming protocol, as well as its HTTP multibitrate streaming solution, and will also support Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) for building video players based on the Flash platform.

Conviva was founded in 2006 and has raised a total of $29 million, including a $20 million funding round in August 2008 that was led by UV Partners, New Enterprise Associates and Foundation Capital.

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