Verizon CEO Says There Won’t Be A Spectrum Shortage


Credit: Corbis

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg thinks the Federal Communications Commission should not try to get spectrum back from broadcasters, that there won’t be the kind of spectrum shortage the agency’s national broadband plan predicts, and that market forces and technology should take care of whatever shortage there is, likely driven by the rise in online video.

“[C]onfiscating the spectrum and repurposing it for other things, I’m not sure I buy into the idea that that’s a good thing to do,” he said this week. The commission has made spectrum reclamation part of that plan in order to free it up for wireless companies like, well, Verizon to provide wireless broadband and handle all those new bandwidth hungry apps. The commission sees wireless as a major player in universal broadband service.

Seidenberg’s observation came during an interview this week with The Wall Street Journal deputy managing editor Alan Murray for think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, and an audience that included a number of financial advisors and investors. More on Multichannel.

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