HuffPo Launches Separate ‘Twitter Edition’; More Focus On Real-Time News


Credit: AP Images

The Huffington Post is launching a “Twitter edition” that is intended to serve as an extension and a distinct entity from the main news and opinion site, the company told paidContent. The primary purpose is to harness the social networking aspects of the site to create a real-time news service for each of HuffPo’s 19 sections. The move follows the introduction of sponsored Tweets across a number of channels as part of president and chief revenue officer Greg Coleman’s goal doubling HuffPo


Jason @lockerpartner

@David: Thanks for your added insight. I think it’s cool that an outlet like HuffPo is experimenting with and embracing social media on such a huge scale. It’ll be interesting to follow up after Chirp!

David Kaplan

@Jason: I think they might have some inklings about what Twitter will be announcing at the Chirp conference, but the sense I got from my conversation with Eric Hippeau was more speculative and hopeful on HuffPo’s part.

Staci D. Kramer

@Jason wonder if they were trying not to get lost in the Chirp fest.

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