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2010 Streamy Craft Awards: The Bullet Points

Last night I attended the craft awards for the Streamys and had a pretty great time, though it probably didn’t hurt that the pre-show and post-show receptions combined were longer than the actual ceremony (which clocked in at a brisk 45 minutes).

So in trying to determine the best way to best commemorate the spirit of the awards in print today, I have settled on a tried and true method: bullet points.

• Host Jim Festante did a great job selling his banter, which ranged from decent to great, and he knew how to keep the jokes moving fast. One note that felt off was opening with the statement that the Craft Awards “has a bad reputation,” though. Is two years enough for an awards show to get any sort of reputation? Perhaps.

• The only unscripted moment of the show was when a representative from what I presume to be a web series (as he was accompanied by a cameraman) decided to waltz up to the stage and interrupt the show. As far as show crashers go, this was no “Soy Bomb” — he mostly just wandered around the stage, and it took a few awkward minutes before a tall gentleman or two shooed him out the side exit.

• Festante’s only misstep in handling it was mentioning the name of the show the crashers were involved with more than once — a misstep I’ve avoided here.

• Favorite moment of the entire night: Easy to Assemble‘s Illeana Douglas (who won for Best Product Integration) trying to boo the crasher off stage.

• A surprisingly large amount of the winners were present to receive their awards, with the only notable absences being Green Porno for Best Art Direction and The Secret Life of Scientists for Best Reality or Documentary Web Series.

• What’s further away from Los Angeles, Sweden or Australia? Who knows, but it was still impressive that both Magnus Jansson of The Goob (who won for Best Animation) and Nicholas Carlton, Sophie Tilson and Shanrah Wakefield of OzGirl (who won for Best Foreign Web Series) were able to pick up their awards in person.

• Two-time winners Auto-Tune the News harmonized their first thank you to the Academy, then went spoken word for the second.

• Kevin Pollak, accepting the award for Best Live Production in a Web Series, called it more meaningful than making the front page of the Los Angeles Times.

• All the speeches given were surprisingly humble and short, in keeping with the night’s theme: “Faster faster give out those awards faster!”

• Note perhaps for next year: There could have easily been a short intermission, maybe some sort of musical performance, and the ceremony wouldn’t have felt stretched out at all.

Congrats to all the winners and nominees. The main ceremony this Sunday (which, it was just announced, will be available live via iPhone app) promises to be equally fun — or, at the very least, longer.

8 Responses to “2010 Streamy Craft Awards: The Bullet Points”

  1. Hey Liz…

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yes the Craft Awards were quick, simple and right to the point. It was our theme to show an honorable presentation with a behind the scenes feel and we did that for no money (and I mean no money at all since we did not have a budget to produce that show). Simplicity was our objective with one center piece that displays the Streamy itself. We all know that the tech side of production (art department included) is far from glamorous, or filled with paparazzi or power parties. Really no one knows who we are or even what you do until someone with a following takes notice of us. As the production designer of the Streamy Awards, the craft awards have a very special place in my heart since these are my fellow colleagues that make the magic happen behind the scene. What happens with talent in front of the camera, well most of the time we have no control or input on how that unfolds.

    I will most certainly take your suggestions to heart and make a concerted effort to bring a more, well rounded ceremony that still keeps things moving along. At least when it comes to the Craft Awards, the people who share in the craft can design the ceremony for the award.

    Kim Bailey

  2. Tilted Sideways

    Wow! It’s like you and I watched two entirely different Streamy craft awards. 45 minutes? It ran over 3 hours long! The vulgarity, pornography and nudity were offensive and the myriad technical glitches (including continuous audio woes) were embarrassing. Last year was so much more professional. I feel bad for the sponsors. I sure hope there will be a 3rd annual Streamy Craft Awards!