Rhapsody Now Connecting on Android


When it comes to mobile music subscription options, there’s already quite a few — Pandora, Slacker and Thumbplay all come to mind. And now, Rhapsody joins the club on Google Android handsets with a new beta client available in the Android Marketplace. The software is a free download, but does require a monthly fee for service. Rhapsody recently restructured its plan offerings and prices, so $9.99 a month gets you service to both computers and handsets. There’s also a free 7-day trial for new subscribers.

For Android devices, the service offers unlimited access to over 9.5 million song tracks, but only while connected to the web. Unlike services that support offline music caching, this iteration of Rhapsody doesn’t. That’s not unlike streaming Pandora music, but Slacker does support offline playback for Android. However, a “download subscription music to your mobile device” feature is coming soon, says Rhapsody’s site. I can’t comment on the service, even though I’ve downloaded the app to my Nexus One (s goog) — for some reason, I can’t create a new account because the email address I’m using is already registered with Real (s rnwk). And yet, when I try to have to the password reset sent to that email, it’s not an address on record. And so the beta goes…

I’m pretty partial to Pandora, but I’m sure each service has its fans. What’s your favorite and why?

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Thumbplay is by far the best.

Create playlists on the desktop app, and it will auto-sync to your phone when you log out. I can listen to all my playlists even when I’m offline.

I love how I can also use playlist genie to find cool new bands.

I have a couple of my friends hooked on Thumbplay and even my parents. Love it!!


I use Pandora and Rhapsody (very glad to see Rhapsody show up on Android).

Pandora’s great for setting a mood (I set up stations to represent moods or archetypes), or for discovering new music you’ll probably like.

But when you want to learn about a band, or music, or connections between artists, Rhapsody’s the place to go.

One place is for farming, the other’s for hunting. Love the balanced diet.

Joe B

I use Slacker on my Android phone, cause it’s cheap (like $29/year). I would love on-demand tracks though. Just don’t know if it’s worth ten bucks per month…. Maybe I’ll give it a try…..


I use four different products depending on my mood. If I only want to pick the genre and don’t care what I hear, I’ll connect to Sirius/XM or to Pandora. If I want a specific site (for example, WTOP News here in the Wash DC area), I’ll use OOTunes or Snowtape. If I want my own library to pick specific tunes, I’ll use Rhapsody.

Sirius/XM and their pricing has been interesting. We have one car that came with a lifetime Sirius subscription. The other car (mine) had one year of XM when we bought it from the dealer, but I let it expire because of the expense of renewing. I added internet access for only $2.99/month to the lifetime account and use my iPhone app to stream my tunes. I can plug the iPhone in to the car using the iPhone dock, and find that this setup works well, except for a small area or two in the hills of Virginia where the valley doesn’t have good enough 3G service for a continuous music stream.


I use about 4 computers depends on where I am and what needs to get done. I use Rhapsody because it gives me an all you can eat music subscription and allows me to sync my music and playlists on each of my computers. So when I want to her my play list or really want to hear a song thats stuck in my head I use Rhapsody. Whenever I just want to hear some music I go with either Pandora or Last.FM. In about 2006 I heard about Pandora from James. Whenever I’m not on my computer or when I’m on the go with my G1 I use it. I started using Last.fm when it was added to xbox live. Its nice to just fire up th xbox and have music playing in a few minutes. Pandora and Last.fm have had Android clients for a while now, but Pandora gets the most use. Only for the fact that I use my G1 without head phones quite a bit. Last.fm isn’t nearly as loud and Pandora is. For me getting Rhapsody on android is like getting a Christmas present. Now I will have all of my music with me all the time (cell phone reception required). After I use the android app for a bit I will let you know what i think.


Slacker’s the best. Everyone else is just wrong. ;) $10 for Rhapsody is a very good deal though. If I just didn’t go all in with Slacker, I’d have had a hard time making a decision. Especially since Rhapsody is on my Sonos, but Slacker isn’t. :/

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