Rhapsody Now Connecting on Android


When it comes to mobile music subscription options, there’s already quite a few — Pandora, Slacker and Thumbplay all come to mind. And now, Rhapsody joins the club on Google Android handsets with a new beta client available in the Android Marketplace. The software is a free download, but does require a monthly fee for service. Rhapsody recently restructured its plan offerings and prices, so $9.99 a month gets you service to both computers and handsets. There’s also a free 7-day trial for new subscribers.

For Android devices, the service offers unlimited access to over 9.5 million song tracks, but only while connected to the web. Unlike services that support offline music caching, this iteration of Rhapsody doesn’t. That’s not unlike streaming Pandora music, but Slacker does support offline playback for Android. However, a “download subscription music to your mobile device” feature is coming soon, says Rhapsody’s site. I can’t comment on the service, even though I’ve downloaded the app to my Nexus One — for some reason, I can’t create a new account because the email address I’m using is already registered with Real. And yet, when I try to have to the password reset sent to that email, it’s not an address on record. And so the beta goes…

I’m pretty partial to Pandora, but I’m sure each service has its fans. What’s your favorite and why?

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