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iPad Users Watch 3 Times More Video Than Web Users

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Long before the iPad was launched, we posited that it would change the way people consumed video. Well, based on some very (very!) early data from MeFeedia, Apple (s AAPL) tablet is already considered an ideal device for watching online video by its users.

Despite a limited number of iPads on the market, the device is already coming up big in MeFeedia’s internal stats. Less than a week after launch, the iPad ranks sixth among mobile devices for accessing video through the site and its search engine, behind the iPhone, iPod touch, SymbianOS, Android (s GOOG), and Blackberry (s RIMM). But the actual viewing numbers are the interesting part: according to MeFeedia, iPad users consume two and a half times as many videos as the typical web user and three times as many videos as iPhone users. More importantly, those users spend three times as much time watching video as the typical web user, lending credence to our theory that the device’s form factor hits a sweet spot for personal media consumption.

It’s important to note that these stats are only for videos that are viewed through MeFeedia and its search engine, and therefore represent a small sample size of users. Also, since Adobe (s ADBE) Flash isn’t supported by the iPad, those stats only include videos available through web pages that are HTML5-enabled. Considering the limited amount of web video content actually available on the iPad in these early days for the device, however, those numbers are pretty impressive.

Not just that, but there’s reason to believe that video viewing through iPad apps might be even more pervasive on the device. Apps from Netflix (s NFLX) and ABC (s DIS) were listed among the top three most-downloaded in the iPad store yesterday. In an email, Netflix vice president of corporate communications Steve Swasey told NewTeeVee that the Netflix app was the Number 1 third-party application over the weekend, based on number of downloads.

We think this is just the tip of the iceberg, and that users will continue to embrace the iPad for video consumption, particularly as more publishers ready HTML5-compliant web sites and more premium app offerings from video sites like Hulu become available. As HTML5 publishing and monetization tools mature, expect the quantity and quality of video available through the iPad to get richer, and the interest in watching video on the device to grow.

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29 Responses to “iPad Users Watch 3 Times More Video Than Web Users”

  1. rantrantrant

    Yes, this is a wholly erroneous Post and statistic; regrettably, already being circulated on TWITTER by fanboys.

    Not only are the early numbers meaningless; what you must account for are “who are the early iPAD users?” They are likely the highest (or nearly the highest) consuming group of online video users to begin with, yes? So, of course the video #’s are skewed.

    These are NOT average Americans. These are the media/advertising hipoise and they consume a lot of online video (and Tweet to each other endlessly, all day long).

    So, this Post and the numbers are meaningless. We expect a bit more from NEWTEEVEE — please don’t go all iPad on us. When the iPad can run iMovie and you can record video with it? And, do great sound mixes, let me know.


  2. I totally agree with the comment above, this “data” and “report” is useless. Of course people who just get something brand new are going to be using it all the time. The thing has barely been out, wait 6 months to a year and then perhaps you can get real data.


  3. These kinds of extrapolated trends based on less than a week of stats seem useless. First they said that iPad users use the device more on the weekend, even though it had only been out for 4 days. Now we get this stat, though if I just got an iPad I’d be watching all the video I could on it too…it’s a new toy! That hardly means that it’s an ideal viewing device for viewing videos. It may well be, but that won’t be truly measurable until the novelty factor wears off and people use it regularly and demonstrate more regular usage patterns.

    It’s like saying iPad users are downloading 10000 times as many apps as iPhone users. That may be true this week because the iPhone and its apps have been around for months while the iPad and its apps are brand new. That doesn’t mean that in general iPad users will always download 10000 times more apps, and the stat itself is useless beyond revealing a momentary snapshot.

    • Ryan Lawler

      I agree with the sentiment that it’s too early to tell how mainstream users will use the iPad differently than early adopters after just a few days… However, if it’s a shiny new toy, don’t you think those users would be playing with all the functionality, rather than just sitting there, passively watching videos?