iPad Accessories Series: Stand Roundup


The iPad (s aapl) has been out for less than a week and already the third-party accessory market is heating up. Apple has just started shipping the dock accessory, which provides a stand for the iPad on the desk while charging the tablet. Third-party accessory makers are not conceding the iPad stand market to Apple and there are some pretty cool ones now available or expected soon. Here’s a roundup of the stands we’ve seen so far for the iPad.

Apple Keyboard Dock. Apple is combining a stand and a keyboard to turn the iPad into a notebook replacement. The Keyboard Dock is expected in late April. $69.

Apple iPad Dock. For those insisting on the Apple logo but not needing a keyboard, the iPad dock is a simple resting place to hold the slate on the desk. It is available now for $29.

Apple Case. Apple has produced a rubbery case for carrying the iPad around, and it also works as a stand. $39.

Skadoosh Flip Stand. This stylish stand is scheduled for availability next month. The Skadoosh will stand the iPad up in either landscape or portrait orientation and the unique tilt mechanism allows adjusting the viewing angle to suit the user. There’s a push button lock to hold the iPad in place. No price specified.

Griffin A-frame Stand. Accessory maker Griffin is out of the chutes with a fully adjustable metal stand for the iPad. The A-frame holds the iPad in either screen orientation and provides access to charging and syncing. $49.99.

Scosche Kickback Stand. Scosche is getting into the act with this combo case and stand that works in either orientation. The metal and shatterproof carbonate case totally protects the precious iPad in addition to providing a pop-out stand. $44.99.

BookArc Stand. The folks at twelve south have long produced trendy accessories for the Mac, and the BookArc Stand carries on the tradition. Easily the best looking stand we found, the BookArc holds the iPad at a comfortable viewing angle in either portrait or landscape orientation. $39.99.

LUXA2 Stand. Not much is known about this stand that is not available yet but it sure looks good. What we can tell from the photos of the LUXA2 is it can work in either orientation while holding the iPad higher off the desk than the other stands. No pricing available.

Macally Viewstand. This stand is designed to look good while holding the iPad at a comfortable, adjustable viewing angle. It works in either orientation and is the same brushed metal as many of the other stands. $49.99.

Joule Stand. The elegance of this stand from ElementCASE is unmistakable. It is adjustable for viewing angle, and works in either orientation. $129.

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ipad accessories

This is a great review of the essential accessories any new ipad owner will need. Apple doesn’t drop the ball when it comes to accessorizing it’s own products. I will be sure to link back to this post when I reference these.


The cloak looks easily the best and sexiest case but until they have a firm release date it remains vaporware.

We don’t get our ipads until late May in Oz, which is around six weeks time. It would be great if they could have the cloak ready for international shipment around the same time

Angry Zebra

Your photostrip implementation obscures most of the stands’ area.

Since most of these stands don’t seem to have charging capability, why not just run down to the five and dime and pick up an old school picture frame? Lots cheaper and plenty of design styles to suit the surrounding items.


Looking at that first image, am I the only one who thinks that for the cost of an iPad, stand and separate keyboard you could get a well-equipped netbook that gives you the same experience, but does it better???

Other than the ability to touch the screen, it’s clear that a netbook would let you get more work done. It is, after all, a real computer, with a file system, USB ports, SD slots etc…


I thought the same way you did until I tried one then caved and bought one. It is a unique experience and like all electronics excels at some things and falls short at others. I still carry around my netbook for now, but I find myself always reaching first for the ipad when it comes to email, internet, document review, or a quick note.


What worries me is the stability of the iPad and keyboard dock. When using it on a train or plane – somewhere where a netbook works fine – I can imagine this setup getting shaken loose. I can also lift a netbook by the keyboard – can’t see me doing that with the iPad.
If the dock worked with the Tocuh, though, that would be nice.


Surprisingly enough, my Apple keyboard dock arrived in the mail last night. Unless they ran out, it should be available. I ordered it when pre-ordering my iPad 3G. Feels just like the wireless Apple KB, which I really like. I only tried it out quickly with my wife’s Wifi iPad, so I can’t say too much about it.


i had to break down and get a case and got the apple one and must say i’m actually really glad i got it!

def nice for propping up on my desk with and also makes it much easier to handle/hold the iPad :)

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