I Want My, I Want My iPhone OS 4


Apple (s aapl) is holding a media event at 10am Pacific time on Thursday, April 6 to discuss the latest release of its mobile OS, which presages new iPhone hardware likely to be released this summer. We’ll know soon enough what it will include, but that won’t stop me from making my own wishlist for what we’ll see on Thursday. Here are a few items on that list:

  • Speed: Yes, I’m well aware that the “S” in iPhone 3GS is for speed. But I can’t help compare even the iPhone 3GS to the iPad for sheer perceived speed of the user interface. The iPad is powered by Apple’s own A4 chip, which accounts for much of the performance improvements, but I’m also hopeful that the OS has been optimized even further in ways that will be come apparent on Thursday.
  • Multitasking: I’ve said before that I think multitasking is overrated, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want it. Support at some level for 3rd-party multitasking would be a great feature to have for certain apps, like Pandora, which I could then listen to in the background while browsing the web or checking email.
  • AppSwitching: I often switch from one app to another, then switch right back. For example, I might be on a phone call, and need to check my calendar, then return to the phone app. It would be nice if there was a more elegant solution for moving among apps than clicking home, finding the app on one of several screens and launching it. A particular gesture or multiple presses of the home button could activate an app switcher of some sort, like command-tab on the Mac, but for recent, favorite or most-used apps.
  • Consolidated Inbox: If you’re at all like me, you’ve got several email accounts. Switching between the Inboxes of these accounts is tedious at best. Having a single inbox for all your accounts, as with Mail.app on Mac OS X, would be a huge productivity boost for anyone with several accounts.

Of course, these are all software-related wishlist items. There’s a slew of potential hardware news to come, such as an A4 chip, high-definition video, and a higher resolution display, all of which seem likely based on the iPad, Android devices and other mobile products. One day and counting: we’ll know soon enough. What changes to the software do you expect for iPhone OS 4.0?



top wishes for me are. the all in one mail inbox stuff. (more like mail on my mac please) and something like Kindle whisper sync for iPod playback of things like Audiobooks and Podcasts. (anything with remember playback position set to true) Then, when I walk in my house after driving someplace and start to play the same one on my computer, (without plugging in my phone first) it knows where I left off.


Their imap client is functional, but it too could stand a major overhaul.


hi. nice review man…. i’ll waiting this iphone os4…. but i don’t know how to get it? can u tell me…, please reply to my email…. thank you so much…


I would really like to see a couple of things. First of all, multitasking! There are so many times I want to listen to my XM app and also text or listen to AOL Radio and surf the web or play games. The iPod part already does this but I would like more. Also, the calendar needs MAJOR attention! I bought an outside app, Informant, for the calendar. I NEED to see what event I have scheduled for the day wether it be for work or family. Now you just see a bullet point on the day. WIth Informant it is color coded so I can tell what I have available. Those are my 2 cents but embrace all changes and upgrades!


i’d like my phone to be more customizable. having the ability to change the background colour or wallpaper of the home screen would be great..

Josh Sunshine

Sort of related to your AppSwitching idea, I have had an idea regarding the Home button for a while.
Apple should allow us to select any app to open when you click the Home button twice, rather than just the default list. It’d make switching back to your favourite app just that bit easier.


I would add a better home screen to the list. It’s about time we get rid of the screens filled with icons only and add something useful to the home screen. I’d like to be able to add widgets to the home screen and see weather, calendar info, contacts, etc.

A better way to manage/categorize the applications in your iPhone/iPad. Spotlight doesn’t cut it as you have to pretty much know ahead of time what you’re looking for. When you can have 11 pages of apps, knowing them all by name is not practical and even less having to scroll through all those pages looking for a particular App. Allowing users to create categories, or like another user suggested, having folders that behave like the albums in the iPad Photo application would be cool

I hope we see a lot of changes tomorrow and not a “look at this magical way we created to spam you with Ads”.

Focus on the consumer Apple. We’re the ones buying stuff from you, not the marketeers.


Apples so called “iAd” (their new ads network) is not targeted towards consumes. It’s for content publishers and developers.

You already see ads in some of the free ad supported apps. However, currently apple isn’t getting a piece of that pie. If a developer wants to put ads in their apps, they currently use a third party company like admob to deliver, manage and track their ads.

So for example, when Time wants an ad network for their magazines on the iPad, Apple will be able to provide them with a framework and tools at possible a more competitive price.

This is a good move for apple because it can be very lucrative especially on the iPad with apps, magazines, videos, tv shows and other media.

I suspect you won’t see any popup ads and ads embedded in the background like some people has said. Apple is will just be filling a space that is currently occupied by AdMob and other mobile ad platforms.

Sarah Bellum

I like all the improvements you mentioned above. In addition, I would love to see some sort of ‘file’ system, like what you can achieve if you jailbreak and install cydia(?). I don’t WANT to jailbreak but I have 11 pages of apps already. To install any more I have to delete some, even though I have 32 gigs of hard drive space. If Apple wants me to continue to invest in apps, wouldn’t it make sense to be able to organize them into files that take up less space per page. (ie. a file folder for games, learning tools, business apps, etc.) The ‘search’ option was a nice improvement to help me FIND the apps, but I would like to be able to HAVE more apps on my iPhone without deleting others.

Josh Sunshine

If you have the file space on your iPhone, you can actually install more than 11 pages of apps. You can’t see the ones that fall onto the ’12th page’ but you can search for them using Spotlight and they’ll show up.


Folders to organize apps…… please! I can’t be flicking 11 screens each time I want to find an app, yes Spotlight can find it, but sometimes I don’t remember the name, just the icon :)


You mean Thursday April 8..? But I could be wrong, some local daylight saving time or something… ;)

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