Dribbble: A Design Inspiration and Discussion Hangout


Dribbble (yes, there are three b’s in the site’s title) is a kind of “show and tell” community for designers and developers to show off their work, discuss it and look for inspiration from their peers.

The designs that have been uploaded so far (or “shots” in Dribbble parlance — there’s lots of basketball analogies here!) include an astonishing variety of high-quality work from some well-known designers, such as Jason Santa Maria, Shaun Inman and Veerle Pieters. There are plenty of web and logo designs in the uploaded work, as you might expect, but also sketches, interface designs, typographical experiments and animations. Shots are organized by tags to make it easier to zero in on the kind of thing you’re looking for.

Unlike other gallery sites, members (known as “players” on Dribbble) can only upload small screenshots (400×300 pixels maximum) — presumably an attempt to reduce the risk of work being ripped off wholesale. Players can also upload “rebounds” and link two shots together, perhaps to show a progression of work.

Dribbble membership is free, but available by invitation only. In an attempt to maintain the quality of the community, you must be “drafted” by an existing player. As invitations are released, existing members sometimes advertise that they have them available on Twitter — Dribbble’s FAQ recommends that you have a URL handy to show off some of your work before approaching an existing member for an invitation.

Where do you go for design inspiration?

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I have took a look on Dribbble and I was absolutely amazed by the quality of some projects shown.
It’s really the best of the best… just the substantific creative narrow..
I think that the communication which were made around this project, this kind of closed-club reserved to the best of the world should be (is already) a success.
Well managed :)

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