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Apple announced in early March that it will begin selling the iPad on April 3, 2010. For those of you keeping an eye on this topic, here’s a roundup of our coverage and resources:

In-depth Reports:

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Web Tablet Survey: Apple’s iPad Hits the Right Notes: We asked 1,000 early adopters about their interest in owning a tablet. Find out who’s likely to buy and why.

Forecast: Tablet App Sales To Hit $8B by 2015: A detailed look at iPad and other tablet sales, as well as app purchasing behavior, volume and revenue forecasts.

Commentary & Analysis

How AT&T Will Deal with iPad Data Traffic: 3G data use by iPhone owners has caused massive problems for AT&T. The bigger screen of the iPad is likely to exacerbate these issue. Here’s what AT&T — and eventually other carriers — can do to limit future problems.

5 Tips for Developers Targeting the iPad: From a mobile developer’s point of view, the iPad, with its large screen and access to the iPhone app library, is a revolution waiting to happen. Colin Gibbs offers a few strategic ideas for developers looking to exploit the new tablet.

With the iPad, Apple Takes Google to the Mat: The iPad promises a new model for content acquisition and consumption that is the antithesis of Google’s search-driven, browser-centric model. If Apple succeeds, it could pose a significant threat to Google by undercutting its hugely profitable search ad business.

How iAd and the iPad Will Change Mobile Marketing: For years, mobile marketing has been on the cusp of a breakthrough. But iPad users’ hunger for apps, paired with iAd’s in-app advertising, could be the catalyst the sector needs to finally take off.

Handwriting Recognition: A Killer App for the iPad?: Handwriting recognition on the iPad could help Apple reach the enteprise and educational markets it’s had its eye on in recent years. James Kendrick takes a look at the history and potential of HWR.

How Startups Can Cash in on the iPad’s Weaknesses: Bobbie Johnson highlights three big weakness of Apple’s approach to the iPad and challenges savvy entrepreneurs to come up with creative solutions.

Why the iPad is Right for the Enterprise: Perceived shortcomings of Apple’s newest device — lack of multitasking, no Flash support, and a simplifed OS — may actually provide significant advantages for enterprise IT deployments.

Ignore Greenpeace: The iPad Isn’t Bad News for Green IT:  The well-known green watchdog group says the iPad is just one of many cloud-connected devices set to spur data center energy use to new coal-powered heights. Green IT curator Pedro Hernandez takes a rosier view.

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(Originally published 3/5/10)