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No Hybrid Limo for Obama: When he came into office, President Obama “asked if he could get one with a hybrid drivetrain.” Asked recently for an update on “the status of his hybrid limo hopes,” he admitted that this isn’t going to happen,” because the car is too heavy and would not be able to accelerate as a hybrid. — Autoblog Green

Closer Look at Massey Energy: News of a coal mine disaster this week that killed at least 25 miners has brought mine owner Massey Energy under scrutiny and pummeled the company’s stock. Massey and CEO Don Blankenship (who has called congressional Democrats seeking climate change legislation “greeniacs” and “all crazy”), have long been lightning rods for critics of the coal industry. — Washington Post

U.S. Waterways Warming: “Many streams and rivers in the United States are getting warmer, with the greatest increases in urbanized areas, according to research to be published in an upcoming edition of the journal Frontiers of the Ecology and the Environment.” — NYT’s Green Inc.

White House Firm on Comprehensive Climate Bill: “Barack Obama’s energy and climate adviser Carol Browner affirmed on Tuesday that the administration is holding out” for a comprehensive energy and climate bill, rather than trying to opting to “move forward right away with a (mediocre) bill that addresses narrower energy issues.” — Mother Jones’ Blue Marble

Deliveries by Electric Truck: “Beginning in late May, Los Angeles will serve as the U.S. pilot for the global delivery service when FedEx adds four electric delivery trucks to its local fleet of 600 vehicles.” — LA Times’ Greenspace

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