Yelp Agrees To Filter Reviews, Hopes To Debunk ‘Conspiracy Theories’


While online directory Yelp has gotten more popular, it’s also been finding the levels of dissatisfaction from small business owners and commenters has been been rising at the same time. Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp



I’ve been trying in vain for 2 years now to have yelp allow the positive reviews to remain – yet they allow all of the negative reviews to remain and in larger type – their standing that the positive reviews are in the filtered section – which is mentioned at the bottom in the smallest print allowable – even I had to be shown by yelp where to find this section

As a small business owner I have no issue with any public forum where consumers can post either positive or negative comments. I do have a issue with unfair practice of only allowing the “negative” reviews to remain and all 6 of the the “positive” reviews were sent to this unnoticed section with no real explanation as to why

They certainly find my phone number to call me every week to sell my advertising


I do have the same issue with yelp filter reviews 
I have 12 up but 28 filtered as a result instead of being 4.5 star my business is 3 star 
send me an email that we can work something out here 


Danny, I had a similar experience. Within a few days of declining to pay for advertising with Yelp, 5 of 6 reviews were filtered. The last was filtered just a couple of days ago. It may be automated, as they claim, but I believe it’s automated to target those who don’t advertise.


YELPS review filter is horrible for Business owners, and frankly a scam on your part to try to lure people into PAYING for a service that should be free. I’m a small legitimate, honest business owner, with some customers that very much like my work and want to demonstrate that happiness buy posting reviews. Three costumers have posted these reviews and ALL THREE have disappeared. So it looks like I’ll take my reviews to another website that actually allows users to post legitimate REVIEWS -Isn’t that a novel concept. Thanks, but no thanks YELP!

Ed Dunn

Yelp should have done this in the first place.

This is ignorant to have reviews just disappear, even from a legal standpoint. It does make it appear some form of “shaping” is occuring when reviews disappear.

This was a really stupid, ignorant move on Yelp behalf because if the jury get to see ample evidence, that’s all that required to show liability. Bottom line, don’t screw with user-submitted content unless you have a real reason to do so..

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