Open Thread: Is the iPad a Useful Web Working Tool?

Apple’s hotly anticipated new tablet device, the iPad, went on sale this weekend in North America. As for those WWD readers who were lucky enough to get their mitts on one, I want to hear how effective a tool you feel it is for doing web work.

While the early feedback appears to be largely positive, and there are already plenty of useful-looking apps available for the device, some people have spotted a few niggles that might be particularly annoying for web workers. For example, John Gruber notes that although the iWork apps are nice, working with the same document on Mac and iPad is tricky as you can’t save to, only export. And some users are reporting Wi-Fi issues, while others are annoyed because the device only lets you sync one calendar (although Kevin over at jkOnTheRun has posted a workaround for this issue using Google Sync).

So if you managed to snag an iPad this weekend, what do you think? I’m particularly interested to hear how well the onscreen keyboard functions and if, from an ergonomic perspective, you’re concerned about using it over long periods of time. And more broadly, do you think the device could change the way you work? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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