Online Video Viewers: the Young, the Hip and the Well Off

The demographic of online video viewers is expanding, but it’s still dominated by young viewers watching user-generated clips, according to a new research from GigaOM Pro (subscription required) written by TDG analyst Michael Greeson. The report, which surveyed a cross-section of 2,000 consumers to determine who’s watching online video and how, finds that online video viewers tend to be young, rich early adopters.

More than a third of online video viewers surveyed were between the ages of 18 and 32, while those ages 33 to 44 accounted for 30 percent of viewers. The median age of online video viewers in the survey was 41 years.

Online video viewers tend to be early adopters, and are more likely to own an HDTV, DVR or standalone Blu-ray player and operate a home network than those that don’t watch video online. They are also more likely to be well off: Roughly 14 percent of online video viewers make more than $100,000 or more, compared to 11 percent of non-online video watchers.

So what are people watching? The vast majority are still going online for so-called video snacking, with 63 percent of survey respondents saying they tuned into sites like YouTube (s GOOG) for user-generated content and another 37 percent saying they watched videos they found linked on Facebook. That said, viewing of premium content is also on the rise, with 32 percent saying they tune into traditional TV programming on sites like (s GE) or (s CBS), and 30 percent saying they watch videos of local news and weather reports online.

Younger viewers are more likely to watch more varied videos, with those ages 18-32 tuning into more user-generated content, online movies, online TV shows from aggregators like Hulu and original online-only video than any other group. Meanwhile, older viewers were more likely to tune into the Internet for local and national news.

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