Car 2.0: First iPad Installed in an Auto, Just the Beginning


The frenzy that was this weekend’s iPad launch, has the interwebs buzzing about how Apple’s (s AAPL) tablet could revolutionize media, blogging and consumer electronics. But could the must-have device have a real effect on the software, entertainment and IT systems in vehicles?

DIYers are already looking to find out. Doug Bernards of SoundMan Car Audio in Santa Clarita, Calif. decided to conduct what’s looking like the first iPad custom install in an auto and put the video clip up on YouTube, (in this case in a Toyota Tacoma truck, via Autoblog). Jump to minute five if you want to see the in-car iPad in action and the team listening to Pandora. I think this will just be the beginning of the integration of the iPad into autos, and you can expect much more of this when the 3G iPad and GPS iPad versions get released. More on this later this week.

Come to our Green:Net conference on April 29 in San Francisco to hear more about the future of the connected car from execs atNissan, Ford, IBM, Better Place and GM. For more related research see GigaOM Pro:

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Its awesome to see the first ipad using car. And my hearty wishes for the developers. And it is an difficult task wich I think most often but you guys proved it. All the very best.

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Marty McPadden

Very cool although hopefully there’s a way to remove or cover the iPad when you’re not in your car. I’d think it would be an invitation to a thief to swipe your iPad.


When you have the time, track down the video segment from the Geneva Auto Show on CNET describing the iPhone installation at the Smart4Two display.

All the goodies you’d want for auto gadgetry fed through the iPhone to car systems. And it should be adaptable to any other vehicle.

Elsie Dabney

this wicked sick super cool…i would love to have this gadgey in a car..and everything is there already..just an ipad in the car and you wont need anything…as in anything!


Back the day, I could change stations without looking away from the road. Analog dial. Today they want to scan for you and hafl my stations are too weak to pass through the squelching. Now we have had Video Screens a few yesars, but streaming media and maps and todays big game- All in REAL time while transporting and commuting. Oh wonder. Do not whatch while pedals are engaged. Take some tranquilizers, like the big airplane pilots do, and PARK that toy while your’e online.

Roger Weeks

Protip: try not to chew gum while you’re being recorded.

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