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A lot of folks are interested in the apps I am using most on the iPad. There are already thousands of apps available in the App Store and I have been testing quite a few of them. There are 9 or 10 apps I am using the most on the iPad and in the video I show briefly what each one looks like while running.

I show how badly an iPhone-only app displays on the iPad, which is why I am sticking to iPad optimized versions. I also show how easy (and useful) it is to run a Mac and a Windows 7 PC using LogMeIn Ignition on the iPad.

Here’s a list of the programs you’ll see in the video:

  • Twitteriffic
  • NetNewsWire
  • Kindle for iPad
  • iBooks
  • Browser Duo
  • Zinio for iPad
  • LogMeIn Ignition
  • Mail
  • Remember The Milk (iPhone only)
  • NYT Editors’ Choice

For you iPad owners, here’s the YouTube version:

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Do you use the Logmein Free client for you mac and windows machines?
I am not sure what you get for the subscription service. I would buy this in a heartbeat if I did not have to buy a subscription service.

Tax Man

The iphone slingbox app works on the iPad. I’ve already used it to watch TV from my iPad.

Ellen Sweeney

Hi James,
Great video. Was wondering if I would be able to watch my Slingbox in Logmein Ignition? That would be really cool! Thanks for the info.

James Kendrick

I haven’t tried it but it should work. Most likely it might be a bit choppy though as LogMeIn is sending the screen images over the web.

James Kendrick

I just tested watching this video on the iPad over LogMeIn. SD video played perfectly, HD was choppy. Plus, I didn’t think about this but the sound plays on the host computer, not the iPad, so watching Slingbox video won’t be very good in silence. :)


Damn. Looks great! Love the RSS reader and the general smoothness!
Thanks for the overview, James! That thing is getting more and more tempting…


I was hoping to see more of the kindle app. I was wondering what the page animation looks like. I was also wondering how it looked vertical.

Other than that great video. I can’t wait to see more.

cranky geek

Nice Apps, I think you should do this every week 10 more apps please. R U invited to the meeting on Thursday, I hear some earth shattering news will be coming out of Cupertino regarding iPhone (I hope any iPhone updates will be seen in iPad as well).

April 8, 2010 – The Next Generation begins…


Thanks, James. Couple questions:

If you’re using Logmein to view your other computers, what do you have to do to pull up the iPad keyboard for making entries?

I noticed you also have Barnes and Noble eReader. Has that been optimized for the iPad?

Looks like fun!

James Kendrick

There’s a keyboard icon on the bottom of the LogMeIn screen which pops up a keyboard.

The B&N reader is not optimized yet, unfortunately.


The fact you have to post a sepearet YouTube version is the perfect example why I both hate and love this device. On one hand I know Apple rocks at software and that the user experience is awesome, but on the other hand the device is so extremely limited compared to my Viliv S5 that it’s basically just a toy and nothing more.


I didn’t mean just flash, flash is only part of the issue. Another problem is Java, which is used by among other things the online school system that my college uses, my online bank and the debit card confirmation system that every bank in Norway uses. I wouldn’t be able to buy from webshops on the iPad, for example, because I wouldn’t be able to confirm the payment. I wouldn’t be able to go online to get lecture notes, both because it can’t save files and because it doesn’t support java. I wouldn’t be able to go online to buyandread and get my local newspaper in PDF that I subscribe to, because it can’t download files. I wouldn’t be able to grab a half finished article I was working on from Dropbox and continue writing it, because it can’t import documents. I wouldn’t be able to watch my TV shows, because it doesn’t support the xvid codec, avi container or mkv container. All of these limitations turn the iPad into nothing but a toy, and I can’t justfiy a $500 toy.



The iPad is clearly not your kind of device. So why do you feel the need to trash it, as no one – not even Apple – is forcing you to buy it or give up your laptop or net book or whatever?

I got my iPad a few days ago and so far it’s been great. I have no problem logging into my bank’s website, no problems editing my documents with iWork, plus there’s a dozen other things I find easier and more fun to do on an iPad than on a traditional computer. It’s working for me as well as many other people, but yet your tone of voice makes it sound like somebody is taking your freedoms away.

Why are you so defensive and angry? So you think the iPad is toy but, you know what, it’s clearly that and a great deal more for the rest of us.

Btw, the videos loaded just fine and looked great on my iPad, James!


I have Zinio installed and it’s very nice departure from reading on my macbook. The update is a bit slow but when you can get Surfer magazine for 9 bucks/year it’s worth a bit of slowness.

Probably the cheapest way to read magazines (so far), Note that there are still magazines I get in paper format since there are times when paper is just nicer.


ahhhhh nothing like YouTube for my iPad… Thanks James. :)


James, you post a video about iPad that doesn’t play on…iPad. Isn’t it a bit paradoxical? Next, you will post a Flash video showing why we don’t need Flash…:-). Can you please post videos regarding iphoneOs at an iPhone-friendly format? Thanks :)

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