The Economist’s Paywall Rises A Little Higher

The Economist is once again extending the range of its paywall, Mediaweek reports. Last October, the magazine, which already commands one of the highest subscription fees among popular titles, limited free online access to print articles less than 90 days old after previously charging for items that spent at least a year in the archives. Now, all of the digital pieces from the weekly print mag will require a subscription, though some news updates and blog items will remain free on

The change comes as The Economist prepares to unveil a paid app for Apple’s iPad and iPhone. The goal is to have fairly uniform pricing across all platforms, as the print version generally charges $103.50 and a subscription on Amazon’s Kindle costs $10.49 per month (or $125.88 for a whole year).

While the first two days of the iPad’s release didn’t appear to show much movement among paid media apps, The Economist has been one of the few magazines to buck the trend to lower subscription rates among magazines. Whether it can extend that stance to apps is an open question, but it’s certainly better positioned than most other news outlets.