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Microsoft Will Need To Explain Its Mobile Strategy Next Week

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) will have to justify why it is launching two separate mobile-phone projects after it presents the much-rumored “Project Pink” devices next week to a crowd of journalists.

The software giant invited the media to an event on Monday in San Francisco, which sources tell Reuters is designed to announce two mobile phones that will be sold by Verizon Wireless. The phones, which are reportedly based on the Sidekick software that Microsoft acquired from Danger, will focus heavily on social networking and other Microsoft services, like Zune. The code names for the devices have been Turtle and Pure.

If the phones do not run a version Windows Phone 7, which is coming out later this year, Microsoft will have to explain how it intends on supporting a two-pronged strategy that could result in consumer and developer confusion. The market is already extremely fragmented with several different operating systems, so there has to be good reason why it makes sense for two software platforms to come from one player.

In leaked photos, the phones look a bit like a Palm (NSDQ: PALM) Pre in that it has a slide out keyboard and a large touchscreen display. The devices are likely to be made by Sharp, which makes Microsoft’s Sidekick.

4 Responses to “Microsoft Will Need To Explain Its Mobile Strategy Next Week”

  1. Jasper D

    I m not sure if this is all tat bad… Winmo 6.5.3 is a pretty decent OS and HD2 is one of the best phones I have ever seen… WM7 looks awesome.. Dont know much about pink but Danger offers pretty amazing set of interfaces for the young folks… I think Microsoft may be planning a 3 pronged strategy… WinPhone7 for the consumers, Danger for the ‘young folks’ and WinMo 6.5.3 (and later WinPhone7 for business) for enterprise.

  2. Anton S

    Microsoft’s strategy is bizarre. It let Windows Mobile wither on the vine, as it concentrated all its resources on Windows Phone 7. But then, from left field, it develops another platform code named Pink. That means Microsoft has 3 different and incompatible mobile platforms. Where will the apps be for the Turtle and Pure phones? I wanna see apps.

    As the article says, the mobile industry is already fragmented (with too many phone platforms). Microsoft’s own fragmented world of 3 mobile platforms is plainly ridiculous, will not be competitive against Android, and is doomed to fail.